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Ginger Cardamom Chai

Ginger Cardamom Chai

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About Ginger Cardamom Chai

Health, Aroma and Freshness all blended in this powerful new pack. Start your day with one teaspoon of this soothing combination to keep your body and mind charged all day. With multiple health benefits from one cup this will surely become a part of your daily consumption. For this tea we surely say “Even a Tea a day keeps the doctor away”

  • Ingredients

    • CTC Tea
    • Green Cardamom
    • Ginger
  • Benefits

  • Brewing Guide

    • Prepare 180ml Water
    • Boil 90°C to 95°C
    • Add Tea 2.5gm / 1Tsp
    • Condiments Lemon/Honey
    • Brew for 3 - 4 Min
    • Serve Hot
  • Additional Information

    • RECOMMENDED: With Water/Milk
    • AROMA : Spicy
    • CAFFEINE : High
    • SERVING : Hot
    • REGION : Assam
    • TASTING NOTES : Spicy Tasting Notes With Exotic Indian Spices