10 health benefits of white tea you didn't know

10 Amazing Health Benefits of White Tea You Didn't Know

Health Benefits Of White Tea

White Tea, like most other green, or black teas, is made from a plant called Camellia Sinensis.

However, the processing method gives white tea a unique taste, flavour, and aroma.

White tea among all other teas are least processed and therefore retains a high amount of antioxidants.

This is considered to be one of the reasons why studies have associated white tea with many health benefits such as reducing heart disease, combating skin ageing and weight loss.

The White tea itself is not exactly white in colour and instead has an insignificant yellowish and pale complexion.

This article discusses 10 of the amazing health benefits of white tea.

May Protect Against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Diseases.

Compounds such as polyphenol EGCG present in white teas can help lower the risk of developing diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Test-tube studies have revealed that EGCG can help reduce inflammation and reduce other risk factors.

Numerous studies have shown that EGCG helps stop proteins from inappropriately folding and clumping together, therefore, preventing both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

An investigation of eight different studies with over 5,600 people found that people who drank white tea had a 15% lower chance of suffering from Parkinson’s disease than people who did not.

Benefits Of White Tea

Might help in fighting cancer

Out of more than 100+ cancer types, some are not preventable.

However, recent studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) propose that the polyphenols present in white teas may decrease the risk of tumour growth.

In particular, white teas reduce the risk of skin, breast, lung, and prostate cancers.

Studies show that white tea extract helped suppress the growth of colon cancer while also protecting the healthy, undamaged cells.

Another test-tube study examined the effects of the polyphenols in tea on cancer cells. It revealed that white, black and green teas might play a role in regulating cancer cell growth and initiating new cell development.

Nonetheless, more research on humans is needed to establish a link between cancer and white teas, and therefore should not be seen as an alternative treatment for cancer.

Rich in Antioxidants 

Loaded with a type of polyphenol and catechins, white teas are rich in antioxidants and can protect your body from free radicals.

Drinking white tea can help in decreasing damage in your body, lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

White teas are considered to be one of the best types of teas for fighting free radicles. Studies suggest that white teas have similar antioxidant benefits to green tea.

A test-tube study observed that white tea powders are very effective at reducing inflammation from free radicals in the human skin cells.

Even though test-tube studies are assuring, more human-based research is needed to confirm white tea's antioxidant benefits. 

Promotes Oral Health

White teas are a great source of catechins, tannins and fluoride.

Preventing bacterial growth, white teas also suppress cavity-causing bacteria and to avoid plaque in our teeth.

A research funded by the Tea Trade Health Research Association indicated that drinking tea reduced plaque formation and restricted bacterial growth by a significant amount 

May prevent heart diseases

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death around the globe.

Lifestyle decisions like smoking can cause many heart problems.

Fortunately, polyphenols present in white teas have been strongly linked to reducing the risk of heart disease in several ways.

Other researchers have noticed that polyphenols may prevent “bad” LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidized, lowering the risk factor for heart diseases.

Although results suggest white tea may help lower your risk of heart disease, it is vital to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

From eating more greens to exercising regularly and getting plenty of rest, you can always make sure you have a healthy heart.

May Lower the Risk of Insulin Resistance

Insulins are an essential hormone as it helps move nutrients from the bloodstream into the cells.

However, as a sequence of several factors like high sugar consumption, some individuals stop producing insulin. This is called insulin resistance.

Luckily, studies have found that polyphenols like the ones in white tea may lower your risk of insulin resistance.

It has been found that EGCG and other polyphenols found in white tea may improve the effects of insulin preventing high blood sugar levels.

In an examination of 17 studies with over 1,100 people, experts found that the molecules inside teas, like polyphenols, significantly reduced blood sugar and insulin levels.

More human-based studies are, however, needed that will concretely help clarify the link between white tea and the risk of insulin resistance. 

May Help Combat Skin Ageing

Skin ageing occurs in two main ways — internal & external ageing.

External ageing is a result of environmental factors damaging skin and promote ageing. For instance, the sun’s UV rays can harm the skin over time through inflammation.

Also known as natural ageing, Internal ageing is a result of damage from a variety of factors inside your body.

The composites in white tea may help protect your skin from the effects of both internal and external ageing.

One study found that applying white tea extract to the skin helps protect you against the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Studies suggest that polyphenols can help suppress many cellular components that damage the fibre network and help skin stay tight and firm. 

May Help You Lose Weight

Geen Teas are often suggested when it comes to losing that extra pound of flesh.

Still, whites tea may be as effective when it comes to burning fat.

White Teas have similar levels of caffeine and catechins like EGCG (a compound in green tea linked to burning fat). Together, these compounds appear to have a synergistic effect. 

A test-tube study saw that white tea extract was able to incite fat breakdown and limit new fat cells from being formed. This was chiefly due to EGCG.

A synopsis of studies further suggests that white tea may help increase your metabolism by 4–5%. 

Possibly because white tea is not very common, there has been no research on the effects of white tea and long-term weight loss. 

May Improve Memory

White Tea, as we know, is a good source of antioxidants and possibly even the best for catechins. White teas are also the best food for improving memory and memory retention.

A study led in Portugal concluded that regular consumption of white tea protects the brain from age-related memory decline.

A new study implies that the beverage can enhance our brain's cognitive functions, particularly the working memory. 

May Prevent Osteoporosis

A health condition where bones become hollow and porous, Osteoporosis affects almost a quarter of the total population of earth.

Studies show that free radicals and prolonged inflammation may stimulate osteoporosis. These two circumstances may suppress cells that help bone growth and aid cells that break down bones.

Fortunately, catechins found in white teas are known to fight these risk factors promoting bone growth and suppressing bone breakdown.

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