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Loose Leaf Tea Collection

Shop from our collection of high quality teas of the purest flavours.
Each tea you purchase from us are ethically grown teas, carefully blended to create a perfect cup.

Featured Collection

Our freshly harvested loose leaf teas are renowned for their quality, so we want you to try them!
We've listed a selection of the freshest blends we're drinking now at T-Swing.

  • CTC Chai

    Get the authentic Indian Masala Chai taste. Spice up your day with this tasty, spicy tea from India that is both delicious and warming.

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  • Specialty Tea

    Give yourself a delightful treat with our exquisite range of Speciality Teas. Indulge yourself in a tasty delight with teas you've never tried before.

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  • Flavored Teas

    From Chocolate to Mango to Apple to Blueberries, we've got all the flavours to lift up your day. Include in an interesting blend and tingle your taste buds

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  • Herbal Teas

    Relax your body, sooth your mind, and calm your senses with these gracefully handcrafted herbal teas.

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  • I just want to say that I am extremely satisfied with your customer service and with many of the teas that were provided. Thank you for your amazing service !
    - Jayson Thomson, Austin, Texas

  • Glenburn moonshine - It is light and smooth to the palate with no off flavors ( grassy, woody, smokey), but also lacks the bite/ astringency I am partial too.
    - Charbel,Trenton, NJ

  • T-Swing has been most helpful. You are most generous with your time and interest! Nowadays it's hard to find individuals who really care about their customers.
    - Sheldon Schwartz, Tempe, Arizona

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