6 Best and Unique Benefits of Detox Tea that you surely did not know about

detox tea benefits

We have often come across people saying, “I need to detox my body.” or “I am detoxing my body.” Detox is a simple word that means to clean up your body system. It washes out all the toxins from your body and leads you to have a better immune system with greater amount of fighting power. In this article, Tea Swan is here to take you to a tour on the benefits of detox tea!

As we all know, tea is an emotion and it is really hard when someone tells you to go a day without drinking a cup of tea! To ease you out of your difficulties by providing you with some good news, let us tell you that Tea Swan presents you with a special kind of tea- Detox Teas.

A Little bit of History about Detox Teas:

Detox teas are simple teas that can help you cleanse your body or detoxifying it by washing away the toxins from it. The popular reason why detox teas are preferred and consumed all over the world is because of the detox tea benefits. Detox teas are made up of the ingredients that has the potential to clean up your inner system without giving up on your favourite drink! Quiet interesting, right?

It is one of the most important thing for a person who is on diet. This is because apart from its cleaning effect on the body, the benefits of detox tea is a real winner!

What are the benefits of Detox tea?

Without wasting much of your time and patience, let us jump directly to the main subject- benefits of detox tea. For better experience and results, it is highly advisable for you to grab a pack of detox tea from the Tea Swan to get its authentic taste and its ultimate benefits!

The research on detox tea benefits is scanty but Tea Swan is here to your rescue, as usual! We have all the benefits of detox tea that you need to know before consuming it or while consuming it!

Therefore, enlightening you with 6 best, unique and surprising benefits of detox tea-

Exotic freshness in every sip-

Needless to say, detox tea wins your heart in the very first sip! It has the potential to make you fall in love with it because of its unique ingredients and taste. Taste depends on how you prepare it. (Stay till the end of the article to know about it too!) 

Detox tea from the Tea Swan offers you with some exotic freshness and refreshing feelings while you have it. The everyday detox tea benefits can be the perfect starter of the day for you!

Flushes out toxins from the body-

As mentioned earlier, the real reason for consuming detox tea is the kicking out of toxins from your body. Pollution, junk food and medicines are some of the common toxic things that we have almost every day. Regular intake of these has an immense effect on the body and in turn, the body gets weak and so does the immune system. For the body to get back to its original form, detox tea is important. 

It clears out the harmful toxic chemicals and substances from the body,    which helps the body to fight back in a stronger way! The benefits of detox tea are not only limited to weight loss, but it plays a major role in repairing the immune system along with the tissues and cells of the body. Since they are high in anti-oxidants, detox tea serves this purpose best!       

Can help you in weight loss-

No tea will help you lose weight if you do not exercise and control your eating habits! Detox tea benefits include helping you, in case you are trying to lose weight. Detox tea is rich in anti-oxidants that helps the body to increase its metabolism, which in turn, helps in the losing of weight and belly fat. The combination of detox tea along with green tea can increase the speed of losing weight. 

A particular anti-oxidant present in the detox tea is Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) that helps your appetite to curb. If you have a doubt about it having bad impact on your health, then let us tell you that it is not the thing! While a person is in diet, it is advised to have 2 heavy meals a day. If you have a cup of this tea every day, it will help you to get control over the intermediate munching habits. In short, it will reduce your ‘out-of-the-meal’ eating habit, which is an essential part of your diet plan.

Improves digestion-

By flushing out toxins from the body will automatically improve your digestion pattern. One of the most important benefits of detox tea is that it helps to increase the rate of metabolism in the body and in turn, improve the digestion. It helps the food to break down faster and in a simpler form to enhance the process of digestion.

Improves liver functions-

It is a known fact that the first organ to get damaged and effected by harmful chemicals and toxins is the liver. Hence, it is very important for every one of us to take care of our liver. If you are already having a cup or two of detox tea every day, you are already in the process! The intake of several ingredients including pepper, basil or Tulsi, black salt, citric acid and lemon peels (all of which you will get in the Detox tea of Tea Swan) on a daily basis is not only good for health but also, refreshes your body like no other tea! These all help the liver to function properly and ensures that you have a healthy body!

Promotes good skin and hair-

Kicking out toxins from the body will not only help in cleaning your inner system but also, help you to have a good and glowing skin along with some shining and strong hair! Toxins and chemicals in the body stops the growth of hair cells and increases the amount of acne and pimples in the skin. You need no medication for it; just Detox tea will do the job! These everyday detox tea benefits will help you to remain fit and energised- along with some growing and glowing!

How to prepare Detox Tea:

You will be able to gain the maximum benefits of detox tea when it is been properly brewed and prepared. The main essence of it lies in the preparation itself!

So, here is a short and simple recipe from the Tea Swan to help you get the best detox tea prepared at your own kitchen!

Method to prepare:

  1. Heat water in a pan or in the tea infuser (get the best one from Tea Swan).
  2. Add one tea spoon of detox tea in the boiling water.
  3. Let it brew for 2 minutes and not more!
  4. Pour it in your cup to relish the most of its taste and retain the benefits of detox tea!

Note- Adding of sugar or milk may ruin the authentic taste of the detox tea. It may also curb some of the important detox tea benefits.

Final Words

Get yourself refreshed and detoxified by consuming the detox tea from Tea Swan! This is not only your immunity booster; it also helps in the process of healing and repairing your body tissues and cells. It is as tasty and relishing as you imagine it to be! Having two cups of it every day- one at your breakfast table and the other in the evening, will have the best effects on you. To get changes in your body and to gain the benefits of detox tea, it is highly advisable to continue having it for at least one straight month. Enjoy your cup of the freshest tea and we are sure that you will remember and thank Tea Swan in every sip of it! Get hold of your pack at the earliest and wait for the happiness to get delivered at your doorstep sooner!

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