Best Darjeeling tea

Let’s have a virtual taste of the Best Darjeeling Tea

best Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling is famous all around the world just for two things- Mountains and tea! Now, imagine if you get to sip the Best Darjeeling Tea while sitting in the balcony with a mountain peak view in front of you. Did you get all excited and a smile flashed in your face? You have come to the right page for knowing and getting a virtual taste of the best famous Darjeeling tea!

Darjeeling tea has a special place in every tea lover’s heart, in their homes and in almost all the cafes and restaurants! Hence, there is no doubt why it is known to be the best product of Darjeeling so far.

Knowing about the best Darjeeling Tea:

Darjeeling tea or the King of tea, is also known to be as the Champagne of tea! Very evident from the name itself, Darjeeling tea is widely grown and cultivated in the Darjeeling district and Kalimpong district of West Bengal, India. Out of all other teas, Darjeeling tea is the most exported one.

The best Darjeeling tea is processed as black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea. If properly brewed, the tea has a light coloured infusion and an aroma that fills the air around it!

The process of making the best Darjeeling Tea:

Darjeeling tea is made from the small leafed plant of Camellia Sinensis. Initially by Darjeeling tea people only assumed it to be black tea, but over the years, it is now in different varieties such as green tea, white tea and oolong tea.

The process of making Darjeeling tea includes-

Plucking → Wilting → Bruising → Rolling → Drying → Making the tea

The special and unique thing about the best Darjeeling tea is the presence of antioxidants in it. Since Darjeeling is at a higher altitude, the sil, weather and climate are the best suited for growing and cultivating tea. Because of its sloping high terrain and cold temperature, the UV rays of the sun directly fall on the tea estates. The tea plants naturally grow a type of antioxidant against the UV rays, known as Flavonoids, that protects the plants.

Darjeeling tea is one of the teas that has the highest amount of antioxidants in it, which helps the human body to relieve stress when consumed.

The top three health benefits of having the best Darjeeling tea are:

  • Reduces stress- The one reason why all tea lovers and non-tea lovers have tea is to reduce their headache and refresh their mood. This is possible in the case of Darjeeling tea. Because of high antioxidants present in the tea, it works as a great stress reliever and a mood lifter.
  • Provides hydration- Have you ever heard a tea lover been dehydrated? No! The reason is simple. Tea is a liquid and it keeps the body stay hydrated. 6-8 cups of tea in a day helps the body to remain active and be healthy. Darjeeling tea has this special quality to provide you satisfaction as well as keeps your body hydrated because of the strong antioxidants present.
  • Helps the body to fight against diseases- Another very popular reason why Darjeeling tea is consumed worldwide is because it helps the body to develop white blood cells, which in turn, helps the person to fight against diseases. Darjeeling tea is prescribed best when people are suffering from cold or cough.

Best Darjeeling tea

What is the best Darjeeling Tea?

One might wonder what is best Darjeeling tea or what is best Assam tea. However, a tea lover knows exactly what it is!

The quality of Darjeeling tea depends on their flush season.

Flush Period

Month of Harvest 

Characteristic of Tea

First flush


Gentle, very light colour and aroma


Between first and second flush 

Combination of both

Second flush


Amber, full-bodied, muscatel-flavoured cup

Monsoon or Rain tea

Rainy season 

More oxidised, used in masala chai

Autumnal flush

After rainy season (autumn) 

Less delicate flavour, darker colour, less spicy

The best Darjeeling tea is the one, which is harvested in the second flush. It has a more delicate flavour, charismatic aroma, the spicy texture of the tea leaves are just perfect to have been blended in a cup of tea!

So, if you ever get the thought about which stage of Darjeeling tea is the best, close your eyes and go for the second flush tea leaves. It will give you the sense of satisfaction that no other cup of tea can provide you! A tea lover always relishes each sip while drinking the tea and in case of Darjeeling tea, one will relish even the aroma of it!

Where to buy the best Darjeeling Tea?

If you are looking for that perfect blend of Darjeeling tea in your early morning cup of tea or for your refreshing evening mood, then you are just at the right page!

Tea Swan provides all its customers with the purest and the best quality of all the teas, especially Darjeeling tea!

Whether you want the best Darjeeling tea bags or the best Darjeeling tea pack, Tea Swan is the site that will provide you with the best Darjeeling tea online. Get ready to be surprised after seeing their collection of teas!

Some of its product for the best Darjeeling tea are:

1. Darjeeling Lemon Green Tea-

With green tea winning hearts for its unique characteristics, this special item from their collection is sure to be one of your favourites! The perfect blend of lemon and green tea that provides not only health benefits, but also gives you a taste of heaven. The freshly picked whole leaf tea has a bright golden colour and medium caffeine composition that helps you to deal with your midnight assignments!

2. Selim Hill Green Tea-

Located on the slopes of Kurseong, this is the most organic green tea, freshly picked from Darjeeling. Emitting a floral aroma of the flavour of tea leaves and having medium caffeine composition, this tea is just for you! It will help you deal with your headaches and let you get back to your cheery self!

3. Fasting Tea-

 A non-organic tea from the second flush of Darjeeling tea cultivation, as the name suggests, this tea is best suited in times of fasting. The aromatic soothing flavour and light brown colour of the tea lets you cherish it while having a sip from your perfectly brewed cup of tea. Have this tea the first thing in the morning and you are sure to have a good day!

4. Arya Delight Tea-

Coming from the legendary tea estate named Arya in Darjeeling, this tea is a necessary try for all the tea lovers out there! It is a fine collection of the broken leaf variety. Plucked in the first flush, this organic Darjeeling tea is the best when served with milk and a pinch of sugar. The malty aroma of the tea makes you realise your love for tea in each sip!


What is best way to enjoy Darjeeling Tea?

Teas can be tempting for any tea lover! It is like an emotion that is present physically. The first aroma of the freshly brewed cup of tea can work like magic for some people!

However, the best way to enjoy Darjeeling tea is:

  • Add one tea spoon of the best Darjeeling tea from Tea Swan in boiling water
  • Add milk and sugar (for milk tea)
  • Let it come to a boil
  • Let it cool down for a minute before pouring it into the cup
  • While pouring, steep the tea nicely so that no flavours are lost

Enjoy your cup of perfectly brewed tea with some snacks!

In case one wants to have the top best way to drink Darjeeling tea, it is just one. Book your tickets and fly down to Darjeeling for some amazing blends of tea while taking a peak at the mountains!

The best time to have Darjeeling tea:

Before or after meals- Drinking liquids while eating can make the breakdown of food difficult because it dilutes the natural enzymes in the stomach. Darjeeling tea is consumed best after or before your meals, as it will make the food digestion procedure easy.

Midmorning- The best Darjeeling tea shouldn’t be consumed right in the morning. Because of high antioxidants present in it, it may cause indigestion and upset the stomach. The best time is to have it after breakfast. This will give a boost to your energy to start working for the long day that lies ahead of you!

Tea lovers and Darjeeling tea goes hand in hand. It is a complete paradise for any tea lover to have the best Darjeeling tea every day! As a mother knows how to love and take care of her baby, a tea lover knows how to love and make the perfect brewed hot cup of tea!


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