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7 Best Tea for Skin: Keeps you fit and healthy

When asked for a cup of tea, this makes a person smile and they nod to have a cup of tea to feel refreshed. The reason behind this smile is many. It can be one's love for tea, love for its toothsome taste, aroma and flavours. To a surprise, tea carries different health benefits as well. Tara helps you to stay fit by lowering the risk of heart diseases, protects against infections, helps to fight sleep issues, lowers bad cholesterol etc. Apart from this tea carries another benefit I.e they provide you with great skin. 

Let us see some of the best teas for your skin. 

Some Of The Best Teas For Your Skin 

best tea for skin

Teas are great for the skin and one of the most important reasons behind this is that tea is made using water, which is the most essential element for your skin to be healthy. And the most interesting part is that you can drink tea, and can apply it directly to the skin to see its benefits on your skin all by yourself. 

Now, let us look at some of the beneficial teas for your skin - 

1. Jasmine Tea 

Jasmine tea is one of the most famous scented drinks in China. It not only possesses an amazing aroma but also carries antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Jasmine tea helps to keep your immune system strong to shield you from infections. It helps to bring a rich blood supply by relaxing and dilating your blood vessels to keep your skin glowing.  

It also possesses some anti-ageing characteristics and also helps your skin to fight acne problems. 

2. Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile tea possesses relaxing and sleep-inducing properties, which are imperative for maintaining healthy skin, making it one of the most trusted to combat skin issues. 

Putting chamomile tea bags on your eyes helps to reduce the puffiness of your eyes due to the lack of sleep and stress and one can easily get rid of that tired look. 

Chamomile tea also contains quercetin whose antioxidant properties help to shield one's skin from sun damage. Its relaxing properties also provide relief against redness and irritated skin.

3. Green Tea 

Green tea contains potent catechins which are polyphenols that help to fight against free radicals, thus reducing skin damage, protecting against skin damage and preventing wrinkles. These catechins also help in reviving dying skin cells, thus providing you with great skin. 

4. Red Bush Tea 

Redbush tea is also known as rooibos and is used to treat a variety of skin problems. The presence of flavonoids in rooibos helps it to fight against unwanted pathogens and keeps eczema and acne problems at bay.  

The presence of superoxide in this tea helps to fight ageing signs and the antioxidants fight against radicals, thus reducing the skin damage and providing you with healthy skin. 

5. Black Tea 

Full of antioxidants, black tea help your body to fight against the free radicals, reducing your skin damage and also possesses anti-ageing properties. It also carries anti-inflammatory properties which boost up your immune system due to the presence of high caffeine content, thereby preventing colds and viruses that have unavoidable consequences on the skin. One can also apply black tea directly to their skin. 

6. Ginger Tea 

Packed with all anti-inflammatory properties, ginger tea helps in digestion and also fight skin-related issues. It is said that all the problems arise due to an upset digestive tract. So if the stomach is upset, the skin also suffers causing disturbing dermatological problems.  

So, ginger tea helps to keep your body fit, thereby resulting in healthy and glowy skin. 

7. Kombucha Tea 

Kombucha tea is made up of fermented black and green teas, which is great for detoxification of the skin. It is an amalgamation of antioxidants present in both teas. Kombucha tea improves the elasticity of the skin thus providing an amazing skin complexion.

What Is Tea Tree Oil? 

Tea tree oil is an extract from the Australian native tea tree Melaleuca Alternifolia.

Tea tree oil is effective in providing healthy and glowy skin by solving a range of skin problems.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil 

The benefits of tea tree oil for the skin are as follows - 

1. Dry Skin And Eczema 

Provides relief to dry skin by reducing itching and irritation. Tea tree oil is also found effective in healing eczema. 

2. Oily skin 

Tea tree oil also helps to combat oil present in the skin as the oil present gives rise to different problems making your skin call for a dermatologist. Therefore tea tree oil is one of the best sources that provide healthy skin. 

3. Inflammation

Tea tree oils are an anti-inflammatory property that helps to relieve irritated skin. It also helps in reducing redness and swelling. It also provides relief against the discomfort of itchy skin.

4. Acne 

Tea tree oil is among the best choices in treating acne as it possesses anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties providing smooth and clear skin. 

Final Words 

Tea does not just make you feel refreshed with its taste, aroma and flavour but it also makes your body feel refreshed from the inside out with its health ttributes.

 hus healthy attributes of tea make you fit which is reflected by your skin as it becomes smooth, clear and glowy. 

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