How to make blue lotus tea & its effects – we have everything you need to know!

How to make blue lotus tea & its effects – we have everything you need to know!

Blue Lotus

Dating back to ancient European times, beautifully cultivated along the river Nile, Blue Lotus, also known as the blue lily, is considered of very high spiritual and cultural importance. Blue Lotus is filled with innumerable benefits, but it is now an endangered plant. It has many reasonable fares, including expanded relaxation, lucid dreaming, anxiety reliever, and a lot more. It was also associated with the royals of Egypt and was considered a party drug due to its mild aphrodisiac effect.  There is a common question about this plant's legality, which we have answered later in the article.

How to make blue lotus tea & its effects – we have everything you need to know!

Blue Lotus Tea

Blue Lotus tea is prepared from the blue lily flower, which has a vibrant medicinal profile. The Blue Lotus offers a very spirituous fragrance and is an alluring flower that has been used as an Herbal tea to cure a lot of issues since ancient Egyptian times. Nowadays, Blue Lotus Tea is considered a mind-altering drink, which benefits you a lot.  In ancient times, Blue Lotus Tea was considered both medicinally and recreationally. It has many medicinal properties that help cure restless sleep, increased anxiety levels, and some mild aphrodisiac effects as well.

How to brew Blue Lotus Tea?

It is so easy to prepare the vibrant Blue Lotus Flower Tea, which never misses a chance to bestow its treasure of goodness. Follow the steps given below to brew the easiest yet the most palatable Blue Lotus Flower Tea:


  • Water
  • Tea leaves
  • Sugar or honey


  • Take 250-500ml water in a pan.
  • Let it boil
  • Add 2 tbsp dried Blue Lotus Flowers tea
  • Let your infusion steep for 5-10 minutes
  • Add 1tbsp of honey or sugar, if required
  • Strain the Blue Lotus Flower Tea in your best-loved mug

Enjoy it while hot!

Taste Notes, Flovor Profile and Aroma

When you take your first sip, you'll be greeted with a flavour that is softly sweet and floral and that is as enthralling as the fables that have been told about this mythical blossom throughout the ages. Visualise the supple petals gradually unfolding on your tongue and releasing their alluring aroma, which hints at a hint of earthiness. 

As if you were leisurely wandering through a blossoming garden, surrounded by the gentle aroma of a thousand flowers, the initial sweetness gives way to a faint herbal note. This flowery symphony is joined by a gentle undertone of earthiness, which grounds the taste and gives the tea's personality a little more depth. You'll uncover new facets of its flavour with each subsequent sip, as if the blue lotus is disclosing its layers one at a time.

You are invited to envelop yourself in the flavor's mild yet distinctive embrace. But that's not where the adventure ends! Get ready to be mesmerised by the enticing perfume that emanates from your cup. A peaceful undertone and exquisite bouquet of delicate floral notes carry you to a tranquil oasis. You should close your eyes, take a deep inhale, and allow the peaceful perfume to fill your senses as it uplifts your mood.

Effects of Blue Lotus Tea

  • Psychoactive Effects

Blue Lotus Flower Tea was and is really known for its hallucinating effects. In ancient times Egyptians preferred consuming Blue Lotus Flower Tea to add to their celebrations as it creates a mind-blowing effect. So, due to its Psychoactive effects, this Tea bestows a feeling of joy, which makes it most preferred. Although this should be consumed consciously, this tea is certainly not harmful as are alcohol and unprescribed drugs so you needn’t worry about that.

  • Aids Sleep

Due to the presence of compounds like nuciferine and aporphine, Blue Lotus Flower Tea stabilizes and strengthens your sleeping process. These compounds have an antispasmodic effect and a soothing sensation that may help to persuade a tranquil sleep.

  • Menstruation Problems

It is challenging for some women to pass through that one week of the month. They face a lot of menstrual issues, including painful menstrual cramps which only offer excruciating pain. Blue Lotus Flower Tea can be an effective natural remedy. It can ease the cramps and also stabilize the menstrual cycle.

How to make blue lotus tea & its effects – we have everything you need to know!

  • Lucid Dreaming

Blue Lotus Flower Tea is frequently consumed by many individuals to rise to or intensify lucid dreaming. To brew an influential Tea, people even use blue lotus flower to attain these lucid dreams. But it is preferred to use Blue Lotus tea bags for better and enhanced results.

  • Natural Moisturizer

Blue Lotus Tea is a natural moisturizer that refreshes the skin and also nourishes it. Blue Lotus Flower extract is also added in some moisturizers to create a long-lasting effect. Blue Lotus Flower Tea is a good option if you want to bedew your skin naturally.

  • Aphrodisiac

Blue Lotus Tea acts as a sexual enhancer as well. Its composition affects the hormones of both males and females. Additionally, it was also used in ancient Egypt, where its consumption was considered before sexual ceremonies.

  • Contraindications

Blue Lotus Flower Tea is a mild herbal Tea that creates no damage unless consumed in enormous quantities, leading to increased heart rate and hot flashes. When Blue Lotus Tea is consumed along with some painkillers, it may result in dizziness and nausea. Pregnant women and children should not drink Blue Lotus Tea in large quantities and regularly as it may have some side effects. 2-3 cups of this tea every day is totally alright and causes no side effects whatsoever!


The Blue Lotus Flower Tea has been consumed over thousands of years due to its innumerable medicinal uses and rich flavor profile. This Tea helps you get better sleep and improves your anxiety issues. The consumption of Blue Lotus Flower Tea is also legal in India, along with many other countries. So, go grab this delicate Tea from TeaSwan to enhance your routine and to cherish the entire day!

How to make blue lotus tea & its effects – we have everything you need to know!

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