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Take A Look At The Caffeine Free Tea

Are you the one who kicks off the day with a soothing cup of tea? Also worried about the caffeine you are intaking daily. Then you can relax your mind and body as you are not the only one. There are a majority of the people out there in taking caffeine. It is not that bad, as caffeine triggers alertness in the body. It wakes you up to work and lets you keep up with it, boosting not your energy level but triggering your mind to finish what you have started. let's find out all caffeine free tea.

What is caffeine?

It is a drug that is present in your tea and also is used in various medicines. It enhances the level of alertness the reason why you feel waken up just after sipping your morning cup of tea. It is not an essential element which you should intake but not much harmful also. However maximum intake of caffeine lowers the energy level. It does not boost physical strength. It is present in plants from which your tea is made. The reason why it comes handy. But you can look up to the caffeine free tea as well. 

Yes, you might have wondered if your tea is caffeine-free? Yes, it can be but it depends upon what tea it is. Here we would like to give your taste bud a break. Not all teas are high on caffeine. Some are low on caffeine and some of them are even free of that element. The reason being, they have their natural element which works like caffeine but that is not caffeine. 

For example, herbal tea is made out of dried leaves, flowers, fruits etc., and it is not made from the common plant of tea which contains caffeine. Hence if now you are wondering about what tea is best and caffeine-free at the same time. You should consider herbal tea in that case. 

Herbal tea is the best caffeine free tea we have in our tea world. So might look up to it if you want to get rid of the caffeine in true sense. We have lots of herbal teas which are caffeine-free. 

You can have anyone you like and bid farewell to caffeine. Below is the caffeine-free teas list. Since herbal teas are caffeine-free, you will find a variety of herbal tea on the list.

Caffeine Free Tea

Caffeine Free Herbal Tea

Is Rooibos Tea Caffeine Free? 

Rooibos tea or the red bush tea coming from the lands of South Africa is caffeine free tea. It lowers fatigue and boosts energy. The reason why it counters the effect of caffeine. As though caffeine injects alertness but what more a person need is energy. It is also considered as the best caffeine-free tea. Due to its antioxidants and the properties which are identical to the green tea.

Rooibos Tea


Is Peppermint Tea Caffeine Free?

Peppermint tea is the most refreshing tea amongst the teas we have in tea land. This tea rejuvenates the body cell and alerts the body with boosting a new level of energy. You might like to have this tea if you are looking for a caffeine free tea that can wake the body up to work. 

Menthos Green Potli

Is Chamomile Tea Caffeine Free? 

The most relaxing tea experience is delivered by the chamomile tea which does not have any caffeine. This tea infant helps in relaxing the body and mind. This not only reduces the fatigue but also gives the mind needed rest. This is the tea you can choose to have any time be it the short break from work in the afternoon or the evening relaxation demand of the body to put you to sleep. 

Chamomile Tea Potli


Is Ginger Tea Caffeine Free?

Yes. This tea is one of the caffeine-free teas with properties to counter fatigue. It also has this spicy taste which not only wakes the taste buds and boosts the energy level and alertness. 

Ginger Tea

Is Chai Tea Caffeine Free?

A tea loaded with a mix of herbal spicy taste is a yes if you are running out of taste in your tongue. But always remember it is usually a blend of black tea, but this herbal amalgamation of the varied range of herbal spices is something one needs to wake the body up. It is best to serve this quirky drink in the morning to wake your mind. However, if you find it too hard and strong which can sometimes be the case you can have it in the evening or afternoon as well. It is an energy booster. 

Is Hibiscus Tea Caffeine Free?

Naturally coming from a herbal tea family the chances of having caffeine eliminates. Also, this is very raw in terms of taste and aroma. Considering the properties of soothing the body elements well it is preferable to drink in the night before going to bed.

   Hibiscus Tea 


Best Caffeine Free Tea - Rooibos Tea

Now that you have come across the caffeine free teas. Now you would also like to know which one is the best to have. However, each one of them is outstanding based on their results. But the best one among the mentioned list above is Rooibos tea. It is because of its extremely raw taste and results. It wakes up the mind, body, and soul with rejuvenating each cell.  

Okay, so that was all about the caffeine free teas. Now let's talk about the quotidian tea you serve yourself with. Just like the variety of teas we have a variety of tea lovers too. You would also like to know how much caffeine is present in other teas. We have a list below where you can learn about your teas and the percentage of caffeine present in them. This will also help in making a wise choice for oneself in terms of what tea one's body needs and how one can control the level of caffeine intake in the body.  

Is Green Tea Caffeine Free?

Green tea is moderately high or low on caffeine. It ranges from 35 to 45 milligrams per eight-ounce serving. Which is less than black tea but higher than white tea. It is quite a balanced range you can rely upon. You can slightly shift your intake of caffeine to the lower proportion by opting the green tea. But you will be shocked to see the treatment of jasmine tea which is not a caffeine container but yet a green tea because of its properties. However, this tea eventually becomes the caffeine container. Now exactly what we are trying to convey is mentioned below. 

Is jasmine Tea Caffeine Free?

The answer to the above is purely no for pure jasmine tea. As jasmine plant does not contain caffeine. It is processed and prepared differently altogether. However falling into the green tea this tea is often blended with other teas for better taste, aroma, and soothing experience. Hence it gets additional caffeine from the teas it is blended with. The caffeine then here ranges from 20 to 60 milligrams per cup. 

Is Extract Green Tea Caffeine Free? 

Extract green tea is similar to green in terms of the similar properties they share. But the extract version comes in the form of pills. Per pill, it contains 32 milligrams of caffeine. However, you will also find decaffeinated extract green tea as well which claims to have zero caffeine. They are new herbal formulas to extract green teas you may check them out as well.    

Is Black Tea Caffeine Free?

Black tea is high on caffeine. If you are the person in taking black tea regularly there are more chances that you are consuming about 40 -70 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce serving. it is less than coffee, ranging from 95 to 200 milligrams. Yet it is the highest in the tea world. 

Is Iced Tea Caffeine Free?

Caffeine in iced tea depends upon the tea it is being prepared from, if it is a herbal iced tea then obviously it has zero levels of caffeine. But if the caffeinated iced tea means the tea which contains caffeine is used to prepare iced tea then it will have a considerable amount of caffeine in it, similar to the tea it is prepared from.  

Is White Tea Caffeine Free?

White tea has the lowest level of caffeine. You can opt for white tea if you are looking for a tea which has less caffeine to ensure better health. You can simply choose this tea. The caffeine available in this tea ranges from 15 to 30 milligrams per eight-ounce serving. As mentioned above it is less than green tea. Also, the most delicate one to consume. 

Is Oolong Tea Caffeine Free?

A traditional Chinese tea with an exquisite flavor and smell. Caffeine in this particular tea is quiet on a similar platform as green tea. However, it lies still in the middle path of black and green tea. Caffeine here ranges from 37 to 55 milligrams per eight-ounce serving,which again is less than black tea but higher than green tea. It can moderately be a preference after green tea in case you want more caffeine than that.

Is Sweet Tea Caffeine Free?

They are high on caffeine but if the southern sweet tea contains 2.56 milligrams of caffeine for 100ml. If it is prepared from caffeine plants then for obvious reasons it will have a considerable amount of caffeine as available in the tea itself. But it can be prepared from herbal tea as well which will eliminate the chances of it being a caffeinated drink.  

That was a guide to your quotidian teas. All of the tea comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis which is rich in caffeine. But the teas which are low on caffeine or may have no caffeine in them. It is because they belong to caffeine-free tea plants.  

In 2018 some scientists have discovered a new wild plant in the mountains of China, namely Hongyacha. According to the study, it is a plant with less and no caffeine. They also showed interest in turning that plant into a nice tea according to its properties. 

However, before that, we already have some of the herbal tea plants which run on zero caffeine.  Hence we already have a quite nice variety, if it works well then hyongacha would be the next addition to it.

Caffeine is not much harmful but not also much good for your health. So you need to be careful with its consumption. There are some benefits to caffeine-free teas if you go ahead with switching your caffeine tea with non-caffeine teas. 

Listed below are Some Benefits of Caffeine Free Tea

Caffeine Free Tea for Weight Loss

Herbal teas are the non-caffeine teas, it's herbs, spices and antioxidants help in controlling the whole body functioning. You cannot fully rely upon the tea for weight loss but it can slightly accelerate the weight loss. Only if you keep up with it considering your regular fat burnout exercise. The teas here include ginger, jasmine, chamomile, hibiscus, and many more once you dive into it you will be introduced to the whole new world of caffeine-free teas.

Caffeine Free Tea bags and bottles

The tea leaves are sometimes troublesome to carry also they are like those babies who need extra care and attention. The way our lifestyle is changing and we are becoming a consumer to ease out our pain, an invention of tea bags and bottled tea is one such achievement in reviving the style of tea consumption. It also became a fashion statement to some extent. But that is not what we are going ahead with. The concern here is caffeine-free tea bags and bottles. Many of you might be questioning the treatment of these two types of brand new tea innovations in terms of caffeine. 

It is quite simple to elaborate on the condition here, as the tea elements which are low and zero on caffeine are used and processed well to make such tea bags also goes with the preparation of bottled teas. Now that you know what type of tea is caffeine-free, you can simply distinguish between the tea bags and bottled tea as well. For example, tea bags or bottled teas of hibiscus, pure jasmine, camomile, lemongrass, ginger etc., will be caffeine-free. In contrast to the green, oolong, or white and black teas tea bag or bottled version. 

Caffeine Free Tea for Pregnancy

One should avoid the intake of caffeine during pregnancy. It can affect the baby as you continue the consumption of it. You can switch to any of the herbal tea mentioned above. But the best is Rooibos herbal tea for pregnancy. The antioxidants present in this tea helps in avoiding regular weakness and also accelerates the healthy growth of the baby. Other herbal teas have their benefits. You can either have a blend of it or any of them; it is up to you at the end of the day.




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