Can You Bring a Tea Bag On Plane ? Know Everything

All the tea lovers, are you curious to know whether or not you can take a tea bag along with you on a plane ? Well we have tried to answer all your questions. If you are a tea lover and can’t imagine a day without your Chai, even while traveling, it would be kind of disappointing for you to know that some airlines do not permit carrying tea bags along with your luggage or check in baggage but you don't have to sacrifice your daily cup of Chai as some airlines actually allow you to carry the tea bags on the airplane.

So, as per the TSA rules and the baggage policies of many airlines, you are allowed to carry tea bags or loose tea leaves both in your hand luggage as well as your checked luggage. However, you can only bring liquid pre-made tea, provided it is less than 3.4 oz or 100 ml packed in a quart-sized clear plastic bag.

There are more to these rules.Different types of rules apply with respect to carrying tea on a plane depending on whether you want to take it in your hand luggage or your checked baggage.

To avoid any issues during security check or on arrival, continue reading this post where we have shared with you the best way of carrying tea in your hand luggage and checked luggage, as well as what to watch out for when bringing tea on a plane. This post is curated based on the rules of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The rules by TSA are followed by most airlines across the world. However, some airlines and airports in some countries may have different policies regarding taking tea on a plane. Therefore, if you have specific doubts, it is best to check with the airline or refer to locally applicable laws.

Rules about carrying tea in your hand baggage

Can you carry tea bags  in your hand luggage

Can you carry tea bags  in your hand luggage?

Yes, bringing tea bags in hand luggage is permissible as per the TSA rules.If you intend on carrying your own tea for consumption on the flight, it is best to bring tea bags.

Can you carry loose tea leaves in your hand luggage?

You are allowed to carry dry or loose tea leaves in your cabin luggage. Loose tea leaves are a fuller form of tea leaves that bring out more flavour by absorbing water. If you intend to travel with loose tea then, provided you don't intend to take a very large quantity, you should not have any problem taking tea leaves through airport security and on a plane.

Loose tea leaves will probably be treated as powder, which has particular airport security rules, so could be subject to a maximum 12 ozs rule. 

Can you bring the tea bag on an international flight?

Whether you're on an international flight or a domestic flight it makes little difference on the ability of you bringing tea. It depends on what you intend to do, if you are carrying tea and want them to make it into the country then you are required to check the rules of the destination country and know whether they're allowed. You can certainly bring tea bags on an international flight  and use them to make tea on board the aircraft.

Can you carry liquid home-made tea in your hand luggage?

You are allowed to carry liquid tea as long as you abide by the TSA rules and follow them while carrying tea. This means that you will only be able to bring 100 ml or 3.4 oz tea and will need to carry it in a quart-sized clear bag with all your other liquids such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc.

Do you have to declare tea at customs?

This really depends on the rules of each country. Having a few tea bags in your carry on luggage may seem insignificant but you may have to declare it if traveling to some other countries since it falls within both the food and plant category.

Even if you are allowed to bring it into the country you may still have to declare it on the customs form you will be given to complete by the cabin crew before you land. Failing to declare it could bring a fine so make sure you do the customs declaration carefully.

Can you carry tea bought at the airport on the flight?

In most cases, ready-to-drink, liquid, take-away beverages purchased at the airport after security check are allowed to be taken on the flight. However, in a few airports there is an added security check right before you board the flight. In these cases you may have to finish your beverage before boarding.

How should you carry tea in your luggage?

Carrying tea and the packaging will depend upon how you are planning to consume it. If you are planning to consume it on the flight then it is better to go with light packaging and if you plan to take it to your destination better leave it in the original packaging and keep it unopened.

Tea carried for consumption on the flight

It is best to pack tea bags instead of loose tea for consumption on flight merely for the convenience that tea bags offer. Pack the tea in a separate bag or container so it's easy for you to take it out for separate screening. This is because of the TSA rules, TSA officers may instruct travelers to separate items from carry-on bags such as foods, powders, and any materials that can clutter bags and obstruct clear images on the X-ray machine. It is better advised to keep your bag uncluttered.

Tea carried for other purposes

When you pack tea in your hand luggage you have to follow the rules even if you don’t plan on consuming it. For starters, pack all food items separately in a manner that allows you to present the items separately for screening. If you are carrying packaged tea, it is best to bring it in its retail condition only. Thus, make sure you do not open the package. Keep the purchase receipts handy.



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