Cherry Tea: Healthiest drink of the season

What Is Cherry Tea?

Cornelian plant is known for its folk medicinal value to maintain heart health. Therefore the blend of fresh herbs and juicy cherries from rock mountains was introduced beautifully in the flavor of the tea. It has now become the tradition of turning the best of natural products into a delicious taste experience. These cherries are made to create healthy, fruity, and flavourful tea. This delicious hot or iced cup of tea will take you to the memories of an orchard of ripe, juicy cherries and you can’t wait to take a sip of it.

Cherry tea is one of the popular fruit teas consumed because of its strong, sweet, and sour flavor. Sweet, sour, and tart have become the vivid taste that everyone tempts to. Pink, red and, black cherries are mostly used to make this memorable taste tea. There are two types of cherries: sweet and sour. Sweet cherries are bigger and are often eaten raw or used to make jams or syrups 

Types of Cherry Tea 

Cherry Blossom Tea 

We know Japan is the country of cherry blossoms therefore this flavor has also arrived from Japan. Sakura blossom petals are the most famous flavor of spring in Japan. It produces delicate sweetness and complements the sakura leaves elegantly. The petals which are selected are of deep pink color which gives a tantalizing floral aroma. This tea is slightly salty and sour which makes this flavor unique.

Black Cherry Tea 

It becomes an exotic drink when the organic black tea is blended with the sweetness of cherries and berries with notes of vanilla combined. This fruit tea is made up of different cherries which are very close to chokeberries. It tastes a bit different from regular cherry tea because of its slight tartness. It is usually available in teabags. It has a natural sweetness so no need for any artificial additives. It was traditionally used for respiratory, cardiovascular, or gastrointestinal diseases. 

Coffee Cherry Tea 

This might sound a bit strange that how can coffee be used in tea. But this divine flavor is all about this. It includes dried coffee beans with the dried cherries for flavor along with herbal tea leaves. Coffee cherry tea is also called coffee cascara tea and an interesting fact is that it is not related to real berries. coffee cherry tea does contain caffeine. Still, the taste of coffee cherry tea is different from coffee. 

Hibiscus Cherry Tea 

It is a carefree blend of tart hibiscus and sweet cherries which results in nothing but delicious taste. It is one of the rarest teas and still rich. It is a mixture of different flavors like tartness, sweet and sour which is a perfect combo for an experimental tea lover. Try Tea samples that you looking for your everyday need.


How to Make Cherry Tea? 

It’s not a tough task to make this juicy fruity tea in our kitchen and satisfy our taste buds. Here is a very easy method to brew cherry iced tea. 


  • 2 glass of  water
  • Fresh black cherries, pitted or frozen pitted black cherries
  • Sugar according to your taste 
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 vanilla bean, split and scraped
  • green tea bags or even black tea bags would give great essence.
  • Mint sprigs, for serving.

Direction To Prepare Cherry Tea

  • Take the water in the vessel and start boiling 

  • Make a slice of blackberries, lemon/lemon juice, and vanilla beans and add it to the boiling water.
  • Heat it for low flame and start smashing so that the whole essence we can get into the water.
  • Strain the juice and cover it for an hour 
  • Add tea bags to it add let it steep for a while as per your style 
  • Remove the bags and add the tea into the glass with an ice cube 

This is one of the most preferred cold drinks in summer because of its juiciness and the sweet flavor of the fruit.

Health Benefits of Cherry Tea

Health Benefits of Cherry Tea

  • It is preferred to maintain heart health diseases. As it helps lower the blood pressure and bad cholesterol level and hence lowers the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases
  • It also helps physiologically by releasing stress and lightening your mood.
  • It is rich in antioxidants as both leaves and cherries are loaded with antioxidants, which lowers the risk of cancer and it prevents the foreign particles from attacking the cell of our body, and tumors are prevented.
  • Many people consume it for its great taste but along with that it also works as a detoxifier it helps cleanse our digestive system.
  • It improves our immune system as it has anti-inflammatory properties and also keeps a health check.
  • It is rich in nutrients as cherry juice has a bunch of nutrients like vitamins, carbs, minerals, etc. and on top of that, it is caffeine-free. so we can see it is full of health.
  • Cherry juice works great with insomnia which gives you better sleep. As cherries are rich in melatonin which is responsible for sleepiness and it is also a safe and effective way to have quality sleep. 
  • High antioxidant levels help improve brain function as well.

 Is Cherry Tea Caffeine-Free?

Yes, cherry tea is caffeine-free. Great for those who want to cut down their caffeine intake and those who are caffeine sensitive. It is also one of the most popular caffeine-free teas. We all know how good caffeine intake is for us. It helps to improve sound sleep, reduces stress levels. Except for coffee cherry tea, all other types are caffeine-free. Coffee cherry tea is itself famous for high-level caffeine. It has a quarter the caffeine level of coffee.


It is a superb tea as it is one of the most popular fruity teas. The fruitiness of the cherries gets nice in the glass of our chilled iced tea. Though maximum consumption is in the form of iced tea it is also consumed as hot tea by adding ginger or turmeric to give a more medicinal effect. Hot cherry tea is effective for colds and coughs. It comes with a package of health benefits and easy peasy to make at home from scratch.


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