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Does your beautifully packed Tea have an Expiry Date?

You often have wondered about the life of your desired tea, well you will be happy to hear your tea does not expire. The reason behind this long life is its natural existence. Also, the processing and maintenance count later. But they often lose aroma, flavour, in fact, the colour overtime.  Not soon though. They all come with an estimated life and often live longer than that.  

Recommended shelf life can add years of long term existence to the tea. Keeping tea in a cool, dry place is highly commendable. You can keep your moisturised tea in the freezer to extend their life. This will not only add life to it but will also keep up with the natural taste. However, it does not apply to every tea. The treatment with dry tea leaves, flowers, or fruits strictly demands the proper shelf life. Refrigeration does not work well for these teas. Make sure that tea is under the proper shelf life circle. A dry and a cool place to store tea. Always remember this only applies to the dry leaves not the moisturised flower or fruit tea (if you want best results however it is yet optional). Does tea expire:- find all your query below.

Why do tea leaves expire?

Does green tea expire

You might question why the expiration date is tagged on the packaging if they do not expire ? but the packaging comes with an expiration date and every product has an estimated life. But in the case of tea. The quality slightly declines as time passes by. It remains consumable. Only the natural flavour with aroma and oil evaporates. 

Also, tea leaves expire due to the improper storage system. Their exposure to heat, air or water reduces their life. Sometimes the shelf contains pests or insects which eventually accelerates its deterioration process. You better make sure to keep them with a high level of sensitivity. They are a sensitive product, they can expire within several minutes of exposure to heat and air. Hence better go with the recommended shelf life for your respected tea.

How to store tea leaves to keep them fresh and intact for a longer period?

Always try to store your teas in cool and dark places, away from sunlight, and in sealed airtight containers. Glass jars are not preferable to store tea leaves as they allow sunlight to enter and damage the tea leaves over time, which will slowly change the flavour of your tea. If you are storing your teas in pouches, make sure that there is the least amount of air in the bag, this will increase the life of your tea and keep it intact and flavourful for a longer span. But it is best to store tea leaves in containers made of ceramic or tin because they do not allow sunlight at all.

How Long Does Your Tea Live?

Usually, tea has a life of 6 to 12 months and even more. It depends upon the type of tea you are consuming. Each tea has its own life. The maximum life of tea is 24 months. But only if it is properly maintained. You may read further to know more about your respected tea life. 

Does green tea expire?

Green tea is known for its fresh earthly taste and the natural aroma. It can expire within 30 minutes of daylight exposure as it is too sensitive. One needs to make sure it is stored in the airtight container in a cool dry place. However, they normally expire in 6 months to 12 months losing the oily flavour of the tea leaves. So make sure you are taking good care of tea. 


Does loose leaf tea expire?

The loose-leaf teas have a longer shelf life. They have a life 18 to 24 months and can be consumed if it does not give a regular smell. It certainly will not be harmful if you drink the expired loose leaf tea. As it has just lost the aroma, flavour, colour but it certainly will not kill you. So these teas do not expire.

Does chamomile tea expire?

Chamomile tea certainly loses the aroma and its natural flavour after reaching a point of time. Which is 6 to 12 months. Also, this tea is drinkable even if it loses the aroma. Because the flavour will be there.which can drive your taste buds for tea. This tea, however, has 24 months of estimated life and does not expire any time soon. Until unless you have exposed them in the heat and bad shelving atmosphere to survive. 

Does bottled tea expire?

You will be happy to hear that bottled tea functions in the same manner as any other tea. Make sure they are kept in proper cold storage, which in this case is room temperature. far far away from the reach of heat and daylight. They can last up to 18 to 24 months if sealed and stored well. However, if you have unbottled them or removed their seal then they should be consumed soon. 

As the chances of deterioration of an open seal bottle are higher than bottled ones. So make sure you have a nice storage facility for the bottled teas to let them live longer. But for any tea, the only thing which changes over time is aroma, flavour, colour which is natural. It cannot be taken for the judgment of tea’s 

Drinkability. One needs to deal with this on a personal level. Either by testing or going with the instinct of dumping it. As the tea remains drinkable even after crossing the expiration date. 

Does tea bags expire?

Teas bags do get expired but if kept in an airtight container. Without letting daylight peep in, they can give good results even after crossing the expired date mentioned. The least will happen is that they might lose the aroma but flavour will stay, though slightly light but it will stay. It will not make you sick or kill you so do not worry if you drink expired tea bags’ tea.

Does herbal tea expire?

Herbal tea expires earlier with losing taste more than the green and black tea. As they are the natural dried flowers and leaves. With no moisturiser in them. It also makes it hard to intake tea for its richness in raw elements. The reason why it gets stale by the time of its expiration, losing the taste more than the aroma and colour.  


Does sweet tea expire?

Yes, within the minute it reaches the bacterias in the air. The sweet tea carries the components which are bacteria friendly. As soon as they reach your sweet delicious tea. You will have to dump it no other way. It starts fermenting as it is exposed to air. So if you have prepared yourself a sweet delight then make sure you never let it go chill with the air. This tea usually lasts for a day but can be carried for a day or two if you store it well. But the taste will only get bitter as soon as you let it stay for more than the regular time of consumption.  

Does black tea expire?

This tea also expires but not any time soon after you purchased it. It stays for 18 to 24 months. It can let you enjoy its taste and aroma if you keep it nicely in an airtight container. Banning air and daylight to reach it. This tea loses less flavour as compared to herbal tea. As black and green teas carry moisture which helps their taste to stay for a longer duration. Which stays even after the aroma departs.

Does tea expire once brewed?

Yes, as the brewed tea is the most sensitive tea it can go bad if not consumed in time. The tea is easy to reach bacterias which can worsen your tea to the death of it. Also, the hot brewed tea is most likely to get expired soon than the cold-brewed tea. 

You can keep them in the fridge but tightly covered to avoid expiration. It will, however, can only prevent it from expiring. But the taste and aroma are the things you need to decide upon. The hot tea cannot be kept directly into the fridge so make sure you put it in an airtight container if you are not drinking it soon. It is easy for the cold-brewed to store in a fridge just after it is prepared. These teas have a shorter life, one cannot rely upon them for a longer duration. Also leaving them uncovered in the air will only worsen the tea and your health if you consume a brewed tea exposed to open-air even for several minutes or hours.  

What to do with the expired tea?

You should not dump it as soon it crosses the expiration date. Because you have to propose it with a test to make sure it is consumable or not. Never judge if it does not give that aroma. Aroma evaporates as time passes by. So taste it, if it tastes good then congratulations your tea is not dead yet. But if it gives a foul smell with no taste then better to say goodbye.

Also if your tea does not taste good or well to consume you should immediately dump it. But do not dump it with your regular waste. This is an organic waste which can be used for nature’s well being. Either as an odour absorber or a composting agent. It is up to you what you want from it, these gestures will add life to nature. You surely do not want to miss on that healthy contribution.  

Although the teas are quotidian dosage to your body system. Usually, before they reach maturity they are consumed. But sometimes the excess storage at home can cause worry for their expiration. But no need to worry as they are healthy even after the expiration. Hope you will get all the answer regarding :- Does tea expire.

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