Does tea have calories? Let's Find Out!

Does tea have calories? Let's Find Out!

Whether you need a comforting brew to lift your spirits or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up cup, tea keeps you in balance with its delicate flavor and natural caffeine. Rich in antioxidants, tea helps your body fight free radicals that can cause cell damage. There are many different types of tea and choosing one over the other may seem like a hassle. Today we would be discussing one of the foremost questions - Does tea have calories?

Open your door to the world of tea by exploring our grand collection at TeaSwan. Here you’ll discover more than 80 varieties, including green, black, and herbal teas, known for their unique flavor profile. We love to eat, but also stay healthy and fit, often calculating calories in what we eat. 

Does tea have calories? Let's Find Out!

How many calories does sweet tea have?

Sweet tea isn't so sweet when you consider the calories and sugar it contains. One cup of brewed iced tea has two calories, compared to over 90 calories in most cans of sweetened iced teas. Sweetening tea with sugar can add lots of extra calories. So instead, choose to garnish your tea with lemon or ginger. Whether you choose unsweetened or sweetened iced tea as your favourite summer drink will depend on your health goals or weight-loss regimen. The calories in sweet tea vary by brand, and on the amount of sugar added. 

A cup of sweet tea can vary considerably in its calorie count depending on the amount of artificial sweetener added. For example, adding six teaspoons (24 grams) of sugar to your 8-ounce glass of tea increases the calorie count to 106. Nine teaspoons (36 grams), increases the calorie count to 188 — a whopping 82 percent from unsweetened iced tea. 

How many calories does green tea have?

Ditch the diet sodas and fat-burning pills - replace them with our delicious calorie-free, sugar-free green tea. Our green tea is made from all-natural ingredients and is rich in antioxidants like catechins and flavonoids. Flush away free radicals that damage important body molecules with a daily cup of green tea. Green tea can help you lose weight - just make sure to choose a loose-leaf variety, which is better for you. It is the perfect choice for people following a weight loss plan. 

Green tea helps speed up your metabolism and allows you to cut down on calories. If you are wondering - Does green tea have calories?, the answer is a simple ‘YES’. A cup of plain green tea contains only two calories. It is an insignificant amount unless sweetened. Additional benefits of green tea include providing cancer-fighting properties and helping protect against disease.

Honey and green tea work together to lend this sweet treat a unique aftertaste. Try blending the honey in a cup of warm green tea for a great flavourful experience. However, the great taste comes at the price of an increased calorie count in your beverage - a cup contains almost 100 calories. While it may be a great option if you want to have a sweet tea, health-conscious people might choose to go with plain green tea. 

How many calories does unsweet tea have?

Unsweetened Black Tea is made from a fine collection of black tea leaves chosen for their full flavor bouquet. It contains no sugar. With a natural, mild, and mellow aroma you may experience hints of fruits and spices. A cup of plain, unsweetened black tea has approximately 2 calories. Commercially available bottled tea may contain over 90 calories - they usually contain a sweetener other than sugar. It would be best to stay away from them if you care about your health. 

How many calories does iced tea have?

With summer approaching, it is time for some refreshing and cooling drinks. Iced tea happens to be a favourite summer drink among the youth. It has a cool and refreshing nature. Iced tea could easily pass as a sweet treat because of the little sugar added to it. Sugar in iced tea is not too high, to give us unhealthy calories, nor is it too low, leaving us craving more sugar. This allows us to drink as much iced tea as we want without feeling guilty or getting an insulin spike. A refreshing, addictive drink, iced tea is almost too easy to make - under 50 calories per serving! 

We have discussed the calorie content in different types of tea. Now it’s time to discuss how many calories are in plain tea.

Does tea have calories? Let's Find Out!

How many calories does plain tea have?

Every day it seems a new diet is the talk of the town. One of the trends in weight loss is drinking plain tea instead of carbonated teas and coffee. With that being said, the reasons for people drinking plain tea are varied. Plain tea has been touted for its various medicinal benefits, including its ability to cure asthma, stress, depression, and insomnia. Today more people are catching on to the health perks just in time for the summer season.

Thanks to its low-calorie content, plain tea is an excellent alternative to regular tea, especially if you are trying to reduce your weight. A cup of plain brewed black tea contains only around 25 calories. All other types of plain tea have almost the same calorie content.

Final words

In today's world, over 50% of the population drink tea. It can be found in almost every country, and it has been used for medicinal benefits for thousands of years. However, most people just add milk or sugar to their tea without considering the calorie content of their cup. Most people do not want calories when they drink. When milk, sugar, or honey is added, it increases the calories per serving. If you want to consume fewer calories, you should go with plain tea instead of other flavours because they do not contain any additives that can add more calories.

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