Does White Tea have Caffeine

Does White Tea have Caffeine? Let us take a sneak peek into it

Are you confused between oolong tea and black tea? We have the answer for you here- it is White Tea! Widely consumed in the world, white tea is the most delicate yet delicious in the group of tea. The tea lovers will agree to this- once you start consuming white tea, there is no going back to any other tea. Such is the taste and beauty of the white tea! One thing that any new tea drinker struggles with is- does white tea have caffeine? Tea Swan is here to serve you the answer along with some relishing white teas!

Before jumping straight away to the answer of does white tea have caffeine in it, let us roll our time backwards and get to know about its history!

History about White Tea

Does White Tea have Caffeine

As mentioned earlier, white tea is a delicate variety of tea. This is because of the way it is processed and cultivated. White teas are been minimally processed which means it is harvested before the tea plants’ leaves are fully opened. When the young buds are still been covered by fine white hairs, it is the time for their harvest. This is also how “white tea” got its name!

These buds and the newest plant leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant are handpicked and properly dried so that they are not oxidised like black tea or green tea. The main thing about the white tea is its oxidisation process.

What does oxidisation have to do with White Tea?

All teas, whether black tea, green tea, oolong tea or white tea, are oxidised. They are all the products of the same tea plant- Camellia Sinensis. The major difference is the way in which each tea is harvested and oxidised. The more time the tea leaves are allowed for oxidisation, the more dark it will appear and as a result of this, the more caffeine it will contain.

Black teas and green teas are oxidised for a prolonged period. As a result, black teas are high in caffeine percentage than green teas.

During the oxidisation process, the tea leaves go through a number of other methods. In case of white teas, the processing is minimal. It is considered to be a non-oxidised tea, which is why they appear to have a light colour. In turn, the caffeine percentage in it is less.

Now coming to the main question, does white tea have caffeine?

Yes, white tea does contain caffeine. White tea contains the least amount of caffeine in the world of teas! However, it is not completely caffeine-free. The caffeine content in any tea depends upon a number of factors, the main one being the way it is prepared. The percentage of caffeine in white tea is not something you should be worried about! You can be rest assured of this and keep sipping the best white tea from the amazing collection of Tea Swan!

How much caffeine does white tea have?

To any person, the second question that will pop up in the head is- how much caffeine does white tea have? Tea Swan is ready to serve you with this answer as well!

A normal cup of white tea will contain 35mg to 70mg of caffeine in it. This intake of caffeine will not disturb your sleep. However, in order to have a sound and perfect sleep, avoid having a cup of white tea before going to bed.

This amount of caffeine is the least that can be found in other tea. Black tea or green tea contains higher levels of caffeine percentage in them than white tea. A cup of white tea in between your busy work schedules is the best as it kicks you with some fresh energy and zeal and drives away your drowsy mood.

Note- If you feel any sort of discomfort in your sleeping schedule because of white tea, we would suggest you not to have it in the later evening part of the day.

A tea lover is an earnest lover of tea because it has a refreshing, energising and soothing effect on the body and mind. White tea can be a great headache reliever, as this caffeine intake is good for your health.

Do you know there are a variety of white teas available in our Tea Swan?

There are several variety of white teas available in the market today. Some are authentic whereas some are hybrid.

Some famous varieties of white tea are:

  • Silver Needle White Tea


  • Rohini White Tea
  • Giddapahar White Tea

Among them the most popular and widely consumed is White Peony Tea.


Does white peony tea have caffeine?

White peony tea or Bai Mudan is a newer variety of white tea that has caught the attention of many. The speciality of this white tea is the blend of buds with unopened young tea leaves. The oxidisation process of this variety remains the same as the other white teas.

If you are a lover of white peony tea, then you already know the answer to the question. White peony tea contains more caffeine as compared to the other white tea variants. It contains around 5% more caffeine.

If you are an everyday tea drinker then white peony tea will not be the ideal for you. Consuming it once or twice a week will be the best way to have it. High amount of caffeine can cause disturbances in the body and make you feel restless rather than making you feel relaxed and good.

If you are still pestering with the doubt that does white tea have caffeine or does white tea have less caffeine, then let us clear your doubt! White tea does contain the least amount of caffeine among all the other teas. The percentage of caffeine present in a cup of white tea is much lesser than a cup of green tea or black tea or milk tea. Do not worry about the caffeine intake while having your white tea because will not have any effect on the body!

How to make the best white tea keeping the caffeine percentage less?

You do not have to visit a café or a restaurant for getting the best white tea! You can simply make it at your home by following these easy steps:

  1. Boil water.
  2. Add 2 tea spoon of white tea.
  3. Let the mixture come to a boil.
  4. Turn off the gas and let the tea leaves brew for 2 minutes.
  5. Pour it using a tea infuser from the Tea Swan and enjoy your cup of white tea.

The longer the tea leaves are left to be brewed, the more caffeine percentage it will have. If you are having it in a daily basis, it is best not to brew it for more than 2 minutes. Best consumed without any added substance, like sugar or milk, white tea can be relishing in its raw and plain form. The taste comes out to be the best and the freshest.

Grab your pack of white tea from the Tea Swan and get a taste of what original and an authentic cup of white tea tastes like!

Therefore, the answer to the most searched question “does white tea have caffeine” is right here in this article for you! Easier to make and the best to drink, white tea can fulfil all your ‘tea criteria’. Appearing pale yellow in colour, it has a beautiful aroma that will make you happy every time when you make it! It has a taste of sweetness and an earthy flavour that makes the white tea stand out among the rest. Containing the least amount of caffeine, this tea will truly win your heart! Tea Swan is here to serve you with its variety of white tea and waits for you to enjoy your tea! Without any hassle, go to the website and order your pack of white tea right away. While you are at it, look at the other varieties of tea available in its most amazing collection!


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