Pregnancy tea

Some Amazing facts about Pregnancy tea that you must know about!

The fact is true that the tea lovers' first search during their pregnancy is for the pregnancy tea. Menstruation and pregnancy are the two most blessed happenings in the life of a woman. Barring all social taboos and superstitious beliefs, it is a holy and natural act of womanhood.

It often comes by surprise to us when we get to know about the list of things that women aren’t allowed to do or consume during their pregnancy period. A sigh of relief for the pregnant, crazy tea heads out there as this article by TeaSwan will bring a sense of happiness to you!

The one thing that pops in our head is: "what tea is good for pregnancy?". One needs to be extra careful during these 9 months because of the obvious reason- the baby. Not all teas are classified as pregnancy tea because of their compositions and ingredients.

Pregnancy tea

Let us first come to the most common yet important question-

Is tea safe during pregnancy?

Overall research and study on this one question reveal that tea during pregnancy is safe, but not all of them. Hence, pregnancy tea is a widely searched topic on the Internet.

Teas that are rich in caffeine such as black tea, earl grey tea, and matcha tea (to some extent) should be avoided completely. A high intake of caffeine regularly during pregnancy can cause the chance of miscarriage or an unhealthy baby. This is the same reason why the coffee intake is encouraged in the pregnancy months.

What tea is safe during pregnancy?

Tea lovers would already have thorough research-ready on this because there is no way they would like to compromise on tea! With all the mood swings and cranky behaviour during pregnancy, tea is the only thing that will keep you sane! On the other hand, pregnancy is very important as well as an enjoyable stage of life. The health of the baby is as important as the mother’s health.

Without keeping you waiting for any longer, TeaSwan is here to provide you with some of the top pregnancy tea that is safe and good to consume during this phase of your life- right at your doorstep!

Some of the safe and good teas are-

Green Tea-

There is no official report of bad health effects because of the consumption of green tea. Green tea pregnancy is a prescribed tea because the amount of caffeine in it is very less or nil. The caffeine of the green tea can be eliminated depending on the process it is brewed.

Reasons why green tea pregnancy is the best:

  1. It is rich in antioxidants, which prevents the body cells to be damaged.
  2. It has a high chance of protecting the body against heart diseases.
  3. It protects the body against high blood pressure and diabetes.
  4. It helps to maintain a strong and healthy immune system as it is a delicate period.

Chamomile Tea-

Chamomile tea pregnancy is considered to be safe but there are some studies that have shown it causes contractions. It is best to remain careful during the first trimester while consuming chamomile tea. It is a herbal tea that has many positive effects on the health of a person- be it a pregnant woman or any other person.

Some benefits of having chamomile tea pregnancy are:

  1. It cures sleeplessness and calms down the body that helps the person to sleep. It is a well-known fact that pregnant women need more sleep to remain fit and keep her baby healthy.
  2. It increases the resistance and immunity of the body to fight against any diseases. In some cases, it is found that a pregnant woman is suffering from a weak immune system. Without taking medicines, it is advisable to have chamomile tea as a natural process to increase the immunity power.
  3. Though enjoyable, the pregnancy period is not an easy period! Cramps, contractions, muscle pains, everything comes together and it feels like the world is crumbling down! Chamomile tea is one such natural and organic tea that helps the body to reduce muscular pain.
  4. Morning sickness and indigestion is a common problem during pregnancy. Not to worry, Tea Swan is here to solve your problem! Chamomile tea helps in the prevention of morning sickness and works as an aid in the process of digestion.

Pregnancy tea

Peppermint Tea-

The most commonly consumed herbal tea during pregnancy is peppermint tea. Peppermint tea pregnancy stands at number 1 among all other pregnancy tea. Peppermint is a natural tea extracted from nature that helps to soothe muscle pains and stomach irritations.

Some widely known benefits of peppermint tea pregnancy are:

  1. Pregnant women are susceptible to bowel syndrome and indigestion. Peppermint tea is known to cure stomach problems and ease the mother.
  2. Nausea and vomiting are like the part and parcel of a pregnancy life! Don’t worry if you get up feeling all uneasy and wish to throw up. Have a cup of this magic peppermint tea to cure your uneasiness. The aroma of the tea helps in the reduction of nausea.
  3. Since peppermint tea serves as an antispasmodic, it helps to reduce respiratory issues. It is common to find pregnant women having breathing troubles during the peak months of pregnancy. TeaSwan's peppermint tea is here to make you feel better!

Raspberry leaf Tea-

Not known to many, raspberry leaf tea pregnancy is a hidden gem among all. The tea leaves are loaded with nutrients and that is why it is used as a herbal tea as well as for medicinal uses.

Have a look at the health benefits of raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy:

  1. Raspberry leaves contain fragarine, a plant compound, that helps to tighten the muscles in the pelvic region that can reduce cramps.
  2. Often referred to as women’s herb, it provides a huge benefit that reduces nausea and vomiting and makes your mood to eat again!
  3. Labor pain, complications in pregnancy, and pain during the birth of a baby can be reduced to a substantial extent by the daily consumption of raspberry leaf tea.

There are articles about not to drink raspberry leaf tea during some time of the pregnancy. So anytime when you get a question about raspberry leaf tea pregnancy when to start drinking, refer to this!

It is best to avoid it in the first trimester of pregnancy.

All your desired and top pregnancy tea is available exclusively for you in Tea Swan. Just search for it and order it now! You will get your happiness been delivered to you within just a few days!

How to make the special pregnancy tea at home:

Pregnancy tea is no unnatural or impossible to make tea! The only thing one needs to take care of while making is the time for brewing.



90-95 degree of boiling hot water

Amount of tea leaves used

1 teaspoon for 1 cup of tea

Brewing time

60 seconds to 70 seconds

Number of times of tea in a day

3-4 times

The idea is to keep the brewing time as less as possible because brewing for a longer time makes the tea rich in caffeine. As stated, caffeine intake is not healthy for a mother and her baby.

By keeping the brewing timeless, the nutrients are not lost as well. The tea will retain all the ingredients and flavours and give you a feel of satisfaction while having it!

Final Words:

Tea lovers are definitely happy now because it is a green signal! Yes, you can drink tea during your pregnancy! Now the next question to pop up in your head would be, “what tea can I drink during pregnancy?” and we have the answer ready for you. Not to forget one of the main reasons why pregnancy tea is of so much importance is because it keeps the body hydrated. Not every time would a person like to drink water! Therefore, the solution is right here in Tea Swan- pregnancy tea for you! Tea is a mood lifter. So what’s better than a cup of tea to get you in the good mood?

Pregnancy tea

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