Get Rid of Your Monotonous Days with a cup of Floral Tea

Are your teas contributing no more in adding zest to your everyday routine? Made from dried flowers, floral teas are much more than your average beverage. Let us look into the secret to give an exceptional twist to your monotonous teas. Let us understand the benefits of floral tea - it will surely make you want to try it out. 

Different Types of Floral Teas


Let us look into the different varieties of floral teas available in the market for our consumption. You can choose them to suit your tastes and preferences. 

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus is one of the archetypal blooms found in the subtropical regions and tropical regions. The hibiscus tea is made of dried hibiscus flowers and when it is brewed it bears a beautiful dark pinkish color. Its taste is a mix of quiche and sweet flavor. It is essentially good for them who suffer from hypertension, blood pressure problem, menstrual cramps. Although pregnant ladies should avoid taking this instead they should try other floral teas for good results.

Lily tea

Lily has sedative elements in it which when taken into a tea helps in good sleep and cures dreaminess and insomnia. It also contains moisturizing ingredients which remove dry skin also it moistens the lungs and cures cough. It helps reduce body heat. When lily tea is brewed it bears a vibrant blue shade seeing which your eyes are just stuck and relaxed.

Chamomile Tea

Considered the best caffeine alternative with no side effects. It is popular for its earthy and sweet taste with an apple-like aroma which soothes your brain nerves as soon as its smell enters your nostrils. Best recommended by experts for treating diabetes and osteoporosis. Levomenol, which is an active bio component found in chamomile flower along with other components when brewed in hot water releases essential oils which reduce approx every kind of inflammation.

Chrysanthemum Tea

This potassium-rich chrysanthemum tea is beneficial in especially treating heart diseases. It is also a vital source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron which strengthens your immune system. Hot chrysanthemum tea helps in treating inflammation in the lungs and nasal passage. It has a buttery and mildly sweet taste. Also, it has a bright stunning yellowish color with a floral aroma.

Lavender Tea

It is like one of all medicine for any kind of abdominal problem. Intestinal gas, abdominal swelling, vomiting, nausea, upset stomach all can be cured out by having a lavender tea preferably twice a day for at least 45 days as suggested by abdominal experts as per various reports. Unlike other floral teas, it has a woody mint flavor. It bears a lively purple color which is just mesmerizing.

Jasmine Tea

Packed with anti-oxidants it is an infallible treatment for bad oral health and psychological brain concerns. Typically, it is prepared with green or black tea to extract its nutritive properties to the fullest. It has a generally highly perfumed aroma which when infuses with that of green or black tea takes you into the world of utmost relaxation.

Osmanthus Tea

Osmanthus tea mostly grown in China and Japan is a well-known floral tea used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for its incredible detoxifying credibility. It is the perfect natural treatment of hoarseness or skin dryness. Also, it reduces the thickness of saliva and ameliorates lung health. Adding to these benefits it also is a good agent that performs neuroprotective activities and helps in suppressing appetite resulting in weight loss. It has a sweet-sour or bitter-sweet taste and fruity-floral apricot aroma with an uplifting pale yellow color. 

Rose Tea

Rose, the most beloved flower ever on the earth for its fragrance, beauty, and medicinal properties. It is an essential part of Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cuisine. But having roses in your tea is just like having nectar in your cup. It manages your irritability and fatigue, improves mood swings, and sleep disorders help to relieve menstrual cramps, aids in combating digestive problems. It has a citrusy, earthy flavor with a smooth dark reddish violet texture. It behaves as a natural chemical-free moisturizer that moisturizes you from within.


What are the Health Benefits of Floral Teas?

Fights Anti-ageing

As floral teas are the least processed teas so they have elastin, which increases the elasticity of the skin and prevents premature aging. Additionally, it contains astringent tannin which tightens the saggy skin and removes wrinkles and dark circles. Moreover, it helps in protecting the skin DNA damage from UV rays to prevent skin diseases.

Boosts Up Mental Health

Floral teas activate dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin which trigger a sense of well-being, happiness, and security. It relaxes your brain muscles and improves blood circulation within them. Antidepressants present in floral teas help in reducing the level of stress and acts as an antidote for depression.

Improves Metabolism Rate

Catechins and flavonoids along with a minimal amount of caffeine help in increasing the metabolism rate by about 4 to 10 percent. It also helps in burning extra calories of about 100 to 150 calories per day. Improvement in digestive function leads to a healthy stomach. Floral teas with green tea extracts have ECGC(Epigallocatechin gallate) that is a well-known antioxidant that enhances metabolism rate at a faster pace.

Decelerates Arithirities

Floral teas are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds such as polyphenols which help in fighting joint pains. These teas with green tea extracts are rich in a well-known antioxidant ECGC that is 90 percent more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E and strengthens cartilage and bone.

Improves Oral Health

Yes, sipping floral teas makes you feel confident by removing bad breath issues. It kills and rinses bacteria from your mouth that are responsible for bad breath. It detoxifies the blood of the liver and kidney and helps tackle any kind of oral infection.

How to Brew Up Floral Teas?

It is not a time-consuming task like those methods of preparing traditional teas. Rather it’s as easy as to put a berry on the cake. Yes, you just need to steep any of your favorite floral tea balls into a cup of hot water about 3-4  inches above floral tea balls to let them unfurl to the fullest and steep them for about 6-8 minutes.

The flowers will unfurl themselves and give an exquisite look and the aroma scattering in your surroundings will captivate everyone’s attention. Also, It will become an eminent part of your centerpiece when you are serving it to your guests in a transparent glass mug, compelling them to give you applause for letting them witness such a mesmerizing moment while enjoying these special teas.

So, what are you waiting for now? Without wasting any more time, go and get them and experience the blooming beauty of nature in your cup of floral tea.

Where to get Floral Teas from?

You can easily get hold of your favorite floral tea from the nearby grocery shop. However, for a greater option of available items, you might have to visit a supermarket or a specialized tea shop. 

We, at TeaSwan, have added several varieties of floral teas over the years. They have been prepared with minimal synthetic and chemical processing to preserve the flavor and aroma. 

Final Words:         

After knowing all the benefits and variations of floral teas it is very obvious that everyone would like to give it a try. And if once tried, then you would never find an alternative to replace this blooming taste and aroma. So, go for a cup of floral tea to experience a positive change.

                 ‘ Give Yourself a Floral Tea Time Every Day

                    To Keep Ailments and Weariness far away’.      

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