Green Tea Shot Recipe

Green Tea Shot Recipe: Everything to Know

The name is derived from the colour and not the ingredients as many think otherwise. While many may expect this alcoholic beverage to contain elements of green tea in the shot, might be left disappointed. But they will be highly surprised at how delightful it is in terms of taste. It is an extremely popular party shooter and is a sweet-sour whiskey beverage with a peachy twist.  

Green Tea Shot

What is a Tea Shot?

A Tea Shot is an alcoholic beverage that contains equal parts of Irish whiskey, peach schnapps and sour mix. It is topped off with a dash of citrus soda, Sprite or lemonade. A lot of mixologists ridicule the combination of the above ingredients, but it is the right balance of sweet and sour, especially during summer. You are not restricted to using only the original flavour of the Jameson brand of whiskey. 

You can switch to any other brand originating from American to Japanese, to even Irish. Many individuals have this perception that just because it is named a Green Tea Shot, it has to be consumed in one go itself. Most can devour this beverage in 3 to 4 sips too. It is a super simple recipe and fun to make. So next time you gather with a bunch of friends, do give this Green Tea Shot a "shot".

Jameson Green Tea Shot 

The Green Tea Shot Jameson is a mix of sweet, sour and zesty flavour with an additional dash of lime and a splash of soda or Sprite. The classic Green Tea Shot with Jameson and has no tea at all as many may suggest otherwise. Because of the Jameson whiskey content, this drink is not as strong as vodka but has a mellow taste and is highly popular during the summer as it has a refreshing feeling.

As the name suggests, Green Tea Shot has greenish-yellow colour with a fruity flavour. The colour of the Green Tea shot Jameson is primarily derived from the sour mix which can be store-bought or can be made at home. It is not only inexpensive but it gives you the leverage to control the level of sweetness of the shots.

There are plenty of mixologists who acknowledge the Green Tea Shot recipe as mediocre and avoid serving it at fancy pubs or bars.

Is Green Tea Shot Easy to Make?

Jameson Green Tea Shot recipe is one of the easiest alcohol based drinks that one can make. It is one of the better tasting shooters that people prefer. With the use of only a few ingredients, anyone can make these Green Tea shots. They are a fun way to kick off any party and are smooth and vibrant shots. Thus, it has gained huge popularity amongst people who prefer house parties as this beverage is extremely simple to make at home too.

Ingredients Required
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey was the original alcohol used by the company to invent this beverage. Hence, it is recommended to use this brand to get the original taste of the Jameson Green Tea Shot.
  • Sour Mix is another key ingredient used for this shot recipe and can be used for other cocktail mixes too. It is made with equal parts of lemon and lime juice along with simple syrup that can be store-bought or can be made at home too.

  • Peach Schnapps is a grain spirit and is often used as a cocktail mix. It is generally flavoured with fruit and sugar.

  • Lemonade or Sprite can be a personal choice for the mix. You can choose to use sugar-free lemonade, unsweetened lemonade or just stick to the original lemonade depending on the level of sweetness. Sprite is added for that extra fizz which gives this drink a nice bubbly feel.

Here's how you can make your Jameson Green Tea Shot

The Green Tea Shot Jameson Recipe is fairly simple. You do not need to be a professional mixologist to curate this beverage.

  • All you need is a cocktail shaker, ice, peach schnapps, Jameson whiskey and sour mix. 
  • Combine all the above-mentioned ingredients into your cocktail shaker in equal proportions.
  • Shake well and strain the mixture in your shot glasses.
  • Lastly, add a splash of lime or lemonade or Sprite and viola, your Green Tea Shot Jameson is ready to serve.

The flavour is a combination of sweet, sour, with a peachy undertone and is extremely delightful. Making this Green Tea Shot Jameson Recipe won’t take much of your time and is best consumed chilled.  

Why Jameson Green Tea Shots? 

The Green Shot Recipe was originally invented by the Jameson whiskey company so it is only apt that while making this drink one sticks to Jameson whiskey. The Green Tea Shot with Jameson is a lighter beverage compared to a Kamikaze which is a vodka-based shot. This drink has a more fruity flavour with a refreshing feel to it.

Do not be fooled by the name, as many have been tricked into thinking that this drink contains Green Tea. It is a hit among people who host parties and can be easily made by anyone as it requires only four ingredients. Green Tea Shot with Jameson is fun to make and is super simple to assemble. It is a great choice for any occasion be it casual dinners, get-togethers, or even small parties. 

Final Words

Jameson Irish Whiskey ranks number 1 all over the globe and is one of  the most popular whiskeys. It is also the best selling Irish Whiskey. It has a smooth and robust taste and is ideal for shots and cocktails. Hence it is a widely popular choice for Green Tea Shots as it pairs very well and gives it its smooth taste. So if you haven't attempted this delicious shot, go ahead and give it a try... Trust me you will not be disappointed.


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