5 Green Tea Health benefits you need to know today!

5 Green Tea Health Benefits you didn't know

Green Tea is easily the healthiest beverage that ever existed!
Christopher Ochner, PhD at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, says "Green Tea is the healthiest thing I can think of to drink."

Indigenous to China and India, green tea is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that have potent effects on the body.

Here are 5 health benefits of green tea that are backed by studies.

Elements in Green Tea Enhance Brain Function

A study published in the journal Psychopharmacology suggests that green tea can enhance our brain's cognitive functions, particularly the working memory. 

The chief active ingredient in green tea is caffeine, a well-known stimulant. 

However, the caffeine content in green tea is far less than that of coffee but just enough to respond without causing the "jittery" effects associated with too much caffeine.

Green Teas are much more than just caffeine. It also has the amino acid L-theanine.

The amino acid in green teas boosts the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, known to have anti-anxiety effects

Thanks to amino acid and the caffeine, green tea can be your go-to drink while staying up late at night for that presentation you got to complete. 

What About Cancer?

Studies on green tea’s effects on cancer have been mixed. However, green tea is well-known for aiding healthy cells in all stages of growth. There are some traces of green tea destroying cancer cells, but that research is still in its initial stages, so you shouldn’t count on green tea to prevent cancer. 

The National Cancer Institute's web site says it "does not recommend for or against the use of tea to reduce the risk of any type of cancer."

Green tea and inflammatory skin diseases

A study conducted in 2007 concluded that green tea could be something to look forward to for skin disorders such as psoriasis and dandruff

Scientists investigated an animal model for inflammatory skin diseases, characterized by patches of dry, red, flaky skin caused by the inflammation and overproduction of skin cells. Ones treated with green tea exhibited slower growth of skin cells and the presence of a gene that regulates the cells' life cycles.

Green tea for type 2 diabetes

Studies concerning the link between green tea and diabetes have been irregular. Some results show that those who drink green teas have a lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes than those who consumed no tea at all. While additional researchers have found no relationship between tea consumption and diabetes at all.

Stroke risk and green tea

Drinking green tea or coffee regularly is linked with a reduced risk of stroke, according to a study issued in the journal Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

The head author of the study, Dr Yoshihiro Kokubo, Ph.D., said, "This is the first large-scale study to examine the combined effects of both green tea and coffee on stroke risks. You may make a small but positive lifestyle change to help lower the risk of stroke by adding daily green tea to your diet."

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