Let's Know About High Tea!

Let's Know About High Tea!

Everyone has heard about black tea, white tea, green tea, cinnamon tea, and many varieties of tea available. But, what is High Tea - is it a new blended variety of tea or some traditional tea of some part of the world, or what is it?

So let's get to know about it…

What is High Tea?

Well, looking at the term all of us quite think that it is a kind of new tea that is coming out in the market. But high tea is not a type of tea variety or a new blended tea that has come up. But it is a term for taking tea at various timing. As the word, tea is not only being referred to as the drink but it is also an umbrella term for various meals. So, high tea is the name for an evening meal. The term was first used in the year 1825, where the lower class people serve their meal on a high table, and also it is known to be called meat tea before.

When we are invited over to an evening meal or high tea it is always a smart choice to know something because going to have a high tea is not only to drink tea but is a gathering where people have a conversation about some fact and then discuss it during the mealtime. Also, such gatherings have some dress code where we have to dress in casuals and formals only and so the term for dress' code nowadays is ‘smart casual’ which means that no sportswear or trainers are allowed to be worn during the gathering.

In high tea, a heartier meal of hot dish consisting of meat like steak, potatoes, baked beans followed by cakes and bread with butter or jam or a start cold cut of meat such as ham salad is being served.

The word high tea’ means differently in different parts of the world. Like for instance, in the European countries mainly in the United Kingdom, the rural and working-class people would be calling their midday meal dinner and the evening meal dinner as high tea whereas the upper-class people would be their midday meal lunch and the evening meal dinner. Likewise, in Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand, high tea refers to a small formal gathering at someone’s home for tea and light meal in the afternoon, but nowadays these are called afternoon tea and the evening meal is still called ‘tea’.

Generally, high tea is the last meal of the day for young children before an early bedtime.

Let's Know About High Tea!

High tea decorum

There is an art to having a high tea at some gathering where the process starts when we get a cup of tea. We should always remember that when stirring our tea, we should always place our teaspoon at  6 o’clock and fold our tea bag at 12 o’clock before we stir. We should also ensure that no ‘clink’ sound is produced while stirring the cup of tea. And before we sip the cup of tea we should remember to place our teaspoon at the saucer first. Drinking the cup of tea along with a biscuit is seen as perfectly acceptable but it looks odd to be having it while in some meetings at the finest hotels or cafes.

What time is high tea?

The time for high tea is usually served in the evening shortly in between 5 pm to 7 pm. In most parts of the United Kingdom, in the rural and working-class areas, people would take their evening meal tea around 6 pm whilst the upper-class people would be taking their meal after 7 pm. So, the timing also differs by one hour in some parts but is generally eaten before 7 pm in most parts of the world.

Benefits of having a high tea

Having a high tea is much the same as drinking tea in the morning but still, it holds to be one of the important tea timing of the day.

We can gain a lot of benefits from high tea from a different perspective;

  • Health benefits
  • Knowledgeable facts
  • Classy outlook style
  • The modern art of attending the finest meetings

Health Benefits

There are various health benefits associated with drinking tea. People who have just started drinking tea can improve their bodies as varieties of tea boost our immune system, keep our body hydrated, reduce the risk of strokes, heart disease, inflammation, and also even defend the body from cancer.

Research shows that drinking white tea can be effective to fight against cancer, good for keeping our teeth strong as it contains fluoride, catechins, and tannins which fight against plague and also has fewer caffeine levels. Herbal teas reduce menstrual pain and muscle spasms, improve blood pressures and circulation, can soothe an antsy stomach, and also fights against morning sickness. Black tea is essential for weight loss and keeping our immune system strong and healthy. Green tea is so-called to be an anti-inflammatory tea that keeps our skin clear and glowing all day long. Some more of the teas are also found to help prevent cognitive diseases and can also reduce diabetes risk.

Knowledgeable facts

Having tea can be an enjoyable moment where we share our knowledge in a discussion pool with the people drinking tea. As one does not only learn about one perspective of one fact but also gets to hear different opinions. So having a high tea is quite a good time for discussion of various topics.

Classy outlook style

The people having high tea always had a keen sense of dressing. So, when we attend such kinds of the gathering we have to make sure to dress in casuals or formals only. The outcome of dressing properly shows that we are having a wide knowledge in the modern period and also to look classy in fashion.

The modern art of attending the finest meeting

Attending a fine meeting can be quite stressful if we don’t know how to properly drink tea because knowing to drink tea can be quite a bonus and also a way of showing self-confidence. Thus, attending such meetings can help us learn something new.

Let's Know About High Tea!

High tea near me.

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Drinking tea can be quite beneficial in many perspectives despite the timing we take. But it can be essential to be able to drink tea just before going to bed along with family members at home or with friends in hotels or hostels because just by taking over tea we can always share one part of the day and have a smile full of joy and be able to make a fine moment with the people around!

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