Incredible Holy Basil Tea

Incredible Holy Basil Tea

This is an aromatic herbal plant recipe that is filled with goodness and sweetness which can act as an add-on to start a healthy life. Well, yes this herbal tea is made from the leaves of the perennial medicinal plant, Ocimum tenuiflorum, or is commonly called the Tulsi’. The tea has a strong aromatic astringent flavour which can taste very bitter to some. There are many types of favourable Tulsi tea or the ‘Holy basil tea’ which are also very famous throughout the country. 

Incredible Holy Basil Tea


What are the benefits of basil tea?

The holy basil tea benefits from being a traditional medicine to a modernized healthy beverage. Both ways have been beneficial to mankind and have been very helpful in the treatment of various medical problems which are very critical.

Holy basil tea has been used for many purposes;

  • Aid in reducing stress

The tea has been used to refresh and help in reducing an overthinking brain. The tea with its strong flavour acts similar to energy drinks that boost up a lazy mind and provides high endurance to the brain to stay active for a long time. The tea is also consumed as an antidepressant beverage because of its high ability to remove anxiety instantly.

  • Maintain proper stimulation in the body

The beverage has proved to assure proper intake of nutrients and blood levels in the cells. With its high efficiency as a detox drink, the holy basil can give much more protection to the body from toxic chemicals that may enter the body.

  • Reduce blood sugar levels

This plant has been an aid to people with type 2 diabetes for many years in several parts of the world. It has prevented almost all the symptoms of diabetes from getting more critical and has reduced the risk of being diabetic.

  • Reduce cholesterols

Being an antioxidant it has to burn most of the cholesterols in the body and have maintained the levels properly. The significant rate of metabolic effect has also reduced stress-induced cholesterol levels.

  • Reduce inflammation

It also has anti-inflammatory properties that were seen as relaxing the brain from stress. The properties were seen as effective to people suffering from chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, and many more

Holy basil tea can also aid in fighting against the spread of infections in the body. It can also relieve stomach upset and provide a cure for the common cold. 

How to make the best basil tea at home in an easy process?

With a wide range of benefits, herbal tea will be worth brewing. Many will be eager to prepare the tea at home as it is an easy quick process.

Holy basil tea recipe


  • Bunch of basil leaves (Tulsi leaves)
  • Water
  • Teabags or tea leaves (any type)
  • Sugar (Optional)
  • Milk (Optional)


  1. In an empty pot, fill it with water and bring it to a boil.
  2. When the water starts to simmer, add basil leaves to also boil.
  3. When the aromatic flavour starts to disperse, add the tea leaves or tea bags and lower the flame.
  4. Once the perfect desired colour and aroma are obtained remove it from the flame and let it steep for 30 seconds.
  5. Strain the tea in a cup and add sugar and milk if required.
  6. Now, enjoy the healthy good Holy basil tea hot.

When is the best time to consume holy basil tea?

The holy basil tea is effective to consume two-three times a day. For an active early start, it is recommended to drink tea once before breakfast. And when pressure builds up at school or works it is also good to drink to boost and remove stress in the brain. And at last after a busy long day, for attaining a good sleep at night it is better to take the tea after dinner and before getting ready to bed.

And, it depends from one person to another to take the tea daily or once or thrice a week. As the tea is caffeine-free, it is always a good-to-go tea that can be taken every day or once a while.

The tea also is effective to give immense strength and relief during illness and for a quick recovery from pain.

Incredible Holy Basil Tea

Holy basil tea side effects and risks

Well, the healthy beverage which has so many benefits in improving health issues is also packed with risks and side effects that can be fatal to some people who are not compatible with herbal tea. Therefore the holy basil tea may or may not be a risk, but it is always a good choice to have a consultation with a doctor first before drinking the tea as it may lead to several side effects in;

  • Blood sugar levels

Although the tea can aid in maintaining sugar levels to some extent it can cause low blood sugar where the levels to keep and maintain in the body is so low that it is unable to provide nourishment in the cells.

  • Cause bleeding

Taking the beverage can bring about bleedings at any time. This can be very dangerous as to some people the bleeding is too much that they lose a lot of blood and this can lead to even serious matters.

  • Decrease fertility rate

The holy basil components can also lead to lower fertility in the human female body and which would trigger malfunction of the menstrual cycle and can cause improper bleeding at any time.

  • Allergic

Being too sensitive to the plant can also be a problem that would create many symptoms and disorders that can be worse and can be unbearable to tolerate.

  • Pregnant Women

It is always a good thing to avoid foreign substances while pregnant and to always consult first from an expert physician before drinking the tea. If the tea is incompatible with the body it can cause miscarriage which would, in turn, lead to contraction of the uterus.

  • Change medications

People on medications can also consult before drinking the Holy basil tea, as it can interact with the medications and can change the effects which the medicines are working on the diseases or symptoms.


The Holy basil plant is a wonderful herb that is seen effective from the ancient period as it was mainly used as a medicine to cure many symptoms and disease and until this period which has been effective use as an herbal beverage that not only helps in the treatment of symptoms but is also a delightful favourable drink that can calm the mind and keep the day pleasurable. 

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