How To Make Mushroom Tea: A Perfect Guide

How To Make Mushroom Tea: A Perfect Guide!

Nowadays, many celebs and health nutritionists are starting a trend of mushroom tea as they are always one step ahead in relishing potential perks of anything to everything. Mushroom tea is not one of those complicated recipes rather it is amongst one of the easiest ones which can be easily tried at the comfort of your own kitchen. Let us explore more into the recipe which is all basic and you may also add your spin according to your taste palates and relish some amazing health benefits.

How To Make Mushroom Tea: A Perfect Guide

What is Mushroom Tea?

Mushroom Tea is basically an infusion made from some edible mushrooms and water which is palatable and has a huge spectrum of benefits including nausea and reduces vomiting. Mushroom Tea is generally made from lingzhi mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms which are both fit to consume and have numerous health benefits as well. The big question mark is how to make mushroom tea in a snap.

Significance and History of Mushroom Tea

Mushroom tea holds profound significance both historically and culturally, tracing its roots back to ancient civilizations where mushrooms were revered for their medicinal properties. Throughout history, various cultures, including those of ancient China, India, and indigenous societies, integrated mushrooms into traditional healing practices and spiritual rituals.

These early civilizations recognized mushrooms as potent symbols of health, longevity, and spiritual enlightenment. Over time, mushroom tea evolved alongside the development of herbalism and alternative medicine, experiencing resurgences in popularity during the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods and again in modern times.

Today, mushroom tea continues to captivate health-conscious consumers, drawing upon centuries of tradition and scientific research that affirm its potential benefits for immune support, stress relief, and overall well-being. As interest in holistic wellness and natural remedies grows, mushroom tea remains a cherished beverage, symbolising a connection to nature, a reverence for ancient wisdom, and a pathway to inner healing.

Potential Health Benefits of Mushroom Tea:

Reap a surplus amount of benefits with just a cup of tea and bless your health with all these benefits.

  • Boosts Immunity: Mushroom tea contains compounds that support the immune system, helping to defend the body against infections and illnesses.
  • Possesses Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The anti-inflammatory compounds found in mushroom tea can help reduce inflammation throughout the body, potentially alleviating symptoms of chronic conditions.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: Mushroom tea is abundant in antioxidants, which neutralize harmful free radicals and protect cells from oxidative damage, promoting overall health and longevity.
  • Fights Cancer: Some mushrooms used in tea contain bioactive compounds that have been studied for their potential anti-cancer properties, inhibiting tumor growth and promoting apoptosis in cancer cells.
  • Reduces Blood Pressure: Regular consumption of mushroom tea has been associated with lower blood pressure levels, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and stroke.
  • Anti-aging Effects: The antioxidants and other bioactive compounds in mushroom tea may help slow down the aging process by protecting cells from damage caused by environmental stressors and promoting cellular repair and regeneration.
  • Energizes the Body: Mushroom tea can provide a natural energy boost without the jittery effects of caffeine, thanks to its unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic compounds that support overall vitality and stamina.
  • Healthy Alternative to Caffeine: Unlike caffeinated beverages, mushroom tea offers a caffeine-free option for those seeking a natural energy boost, making it suitable for individuals sensitive to caffeine or looking to reduce their intake.

    How to make Mushroom Tea? Popular Mushroom Tea Recipes-

    How To Make Magic Mushroom Tea

    Magic Mushrooms are getting prominent in these times, as scrutinized by some experts, consuming magic mushroom tea creates a spectrum of benefits which includes a relaxing effect and reduces stress. The deep flavor and the zesty aroma opens a gateway to a blissful sight and breath. Nowadays, many fanatics are consuming this tea making a trend out of it.  How To Make Psychedelic Mushroom Tea or Magic Mushroom Tea is more of a basic Mushroom Tea! Here is how to brew in the simplest way.


    • Psilocybin Mushroom (3.5-5 grams)
    • Water 2 cups (340-400 ml)
    • Lemon Juice, Honey, Ginger slices (Optional)


    1. Add a cup of water to a saucepan and let it heat until it starts to boil.
    2. Break down the mushroom pieces into smaller chunks until it gets grounded. Add the thrashed mushroom pieces into a bowl and pour the hot water into it.
    3. Add and stir the tea bag into the cup and let it steep for 15-17 minutes.
    4. Now add lemon juice, fresh pieces of ginger, and honey to another cup of boiling water.
    5. In a saucepan, brew the two cups of mixtures together and let it steep for another 10-12 minutes.
    6. Stain using a thin sieve, leaving behind all the remnants.
    7. Serve and Enjoy!

    How To Make Chaga Mushroom Tea

      Chaga Mushrooms are used for its medicinal purposes as it is rich in antioxidants beta-glucans and its extracts are used in treating various cancers, and surprisingly Chaga Mushroom Tea is the easiest way to reap all these benefits. Chaga Mushroom Tea is generally consumed unsweetened and can also be consumed as an iced tea where you can refrigerate the brewed tea for 2-3 hours. Here is how to make Chaga mushroom tea at the ease of your kitchen!

      How To Make Mushroom Tea: A Perfect Guide


      • Chaga Tea Bag or 1-inch Chaga Chunk Piece
      • Hot Water 2 cups
      • Cinnamon (Optional)
      • Honey (Optional)


      1. If you are preparing your tea from Chaga chunks then add 1 liter of water in a saucepan and if you are using a teabag make sure to take water equal to the capacity of your cup. Heat the water to 140-160 F.
      2. To prepare Chaga chunks, gnaw the Chaga cubes into smaller pieces with the help of a hammer. Make sure to break the pieces into small fines chunks to get the desired flavor and benefits.
      3. If you are using a tea bag, steep it in hot water for at least five to seven minutes or more if you want a stronger flavor of the tea. Whilst if you are using Chaga chunks then steep it in hot water for at least one hour until the tea turns reddish-brown. If you prefer more bitter and poignant tea then you may steep it for long hours to get a premium dark consistent cup of tea.
      4. Chaga Mushroom Tea has a comparatively mild flavor so adding a pinch of cinnamon or drizzles of maple syrup or honey can amplify the taste.
      5. Serve and Enjoy.
          • How To Make Reishi Mushroom Tea

      Lingzhi or Reishi Mushrooms are acclaimed for their goodness of antioxidants and white blood cell boosting properties. Reishi Mushroom Tea is prominent for its earthy flavor with hints of pleasant bitter taste notes and this tea is generally consumed with some marjoram leaves or any dried flowers (rosemary, chamomile, peppermint, etc.), sweetener, and almond milk. Here is a comprehensible answer to how to make Reishi Mushroom Tea.


      • 10 Fine Slices of Lingzhi or Reishi Mushrooms
      • 8-10 Marjoram Leaves/ Marjoram Oil (5 drops)
      • Hot Water (8 Ounces)
      • Honey (2 tbsp)
      • Lemon Juice


      1. Add 8 ounces of water to a saucepan/ kettle and let it heat until it starts to boil.
      2. Add finely chopped slices of Reishi Mushrooms to the saucepan, make sure to add the mushroom slices only when the water has started to boil.
      3. Reduce the flame and add 2 tablespoons of honey, marjoram leaves or oil, almond milk.
      4. Now let the infusion steep for the next 5-10 minutes or more according to your desired taste.
      5. Stir and sieve the concoction in a mug and add fresh drizzles of lemon juice.
      6. Serve and Enjoy!

      How To Make Mushroom Tea: A Perfect Guide

      Taste Notes and Aroma of Mushroom Tea

      Are you prepared to go out on a unique culinary adventure? Let the seductive scents and tantalising flavours of mushroom tea transport you to a world of earthy delights. Imagine yourself taking a taste of this unusual drink while cradling a steaming cup of it, your curiosity aroused. Every type of mushroom has a pleasant surprise to give, from the savoury flavour of the shiitake to the woody undertones of the chaga. These earthy elixirs steep to provide a rich, umami flavour that varies depending on the type of mushroom used.

      Shiitake mushrooms, for example, have a flavour that is slightly meaty and savoury, but Chaga or Reishi mushrooms have a more woodsy and subtly bitter character. Allow the aroma to embrace you as you enjoy the beverage, conjuring up images of lush forests and the restorative power of the outdoors. Enjoy the natural sweetness for a minute; it will linger on your taste buds and give you an unmatched sense of peace and contentment.

      Final Words:

      Nowadays tea fanatics make tea out of anything and thanks to all the researchers for studying and scrutinizing them and perceiving the unknown benefits. Mushroom Tea is one of a kind and has numerous benefits which are an aid to so many health ailments. The best part of mushroom tea is its spectrum of varieties and versatility as one can add their own spin to it and amplify its delicacy.

      And the leftover chunks of mushroom can be used in smoothies and oatmeals. After all, a cup of blissful tea soothes the body, and mushroom tea is best at this niche, and this was the ultimate collection of how to make mushroom tea plus a variety of other mushroom tea so just add your spin to this exhilarating cup.

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