How to Make Tea Taste Better

How to Make Tea Taste Better

Many times we are bored or tired of embarking our day with the same flavor of the tea. Many chai lovers love to experiment with their taste of tea. Therefore we need to change our taste to make our tea taste better which will refresh our mood and satisfy our taste buds.

There are different ways through which we can make our tea taste better. By using different ways to brew your tea to change your flavor or by adding different ingredients which bring the tastes to another level by a little change.

How to Make Tea Taste Better by Adding Different Ingredients? 

Most Basic Things You Can Do for Adding flavor 

Add Mint 

If your tea is very plain and you want some natural and authentic flavor to give an edge to your flavor you can serve it with the mint leaves or else you can add a small amount of melted mint to your tea and taste the magic. 


It is the most commonly used spice to give additional flavors to the tea. It spices up the flavor and gives a very strong smell. Great for flu or cold-like symptoms and also helps to cleanse the sinuses and more health benefits. If excess ginger is added it ends up giving a sour taste.


Honey is another most commonly used to add the natural sweetness to tea instead of sugar as it is processed. Adding honey increases the classiness of the flavor and gives a smooth sweet flavor to our everyday boring taste.


Adding citrusy lemon can make your tea more aromatic and full of flavor. It gives a different shade of taste and makes it a more energetic tea. If you add the above-mentioned ingredients and lemon it would taste like anything else in this world.

Cinnamon or other spices 

Indians most probably use different types of spices in their everyday cup of tea. It gives spiciness and energizes you by uplifting your mood. Along with taste, it has a pleasant aroma that acts as aromatherapy. 

What to Do to Add More Flavors to Our Tea?

How to Make Tea Taste Better

Add coconut milk or almond milk

The most important thing is coconut and almond milk are lighter than other milk with great health benefits. Along with that, it adds a beautiful creaminess to our cup of tea. Both of them add a spark to our plain cup of tea.

Add fruits or fruit juices to your tea 

Adding fruits like berries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, grapefruits or oranges gives a fun element to your taste. If you make any fruit-flavored tea it will be a great experience for your taste buds. It is preferred by most people in the summers. If you don’t like pulp you can go for slices of these fruits. It will also give a different flavor. 

Maple syrup 

Now the trend of using maple syrup in tea is growing. It does not act as only a sweetener but more than that it has many minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants. It can be a better choice to sweeten your tea over sugar. 

Adding rose 

Adding rose petals gives elegance to your style. Instead of rose petals, you can use rose-flavored syrup in your tea. The scent of the rose creates calmness in your aura. 

How to Make Green Tea Taste Better? 

Use fresh water filtered water

Using freshwater does affect the taste of your tea. As boiling water loses the level of oxygen. Therefore, it is necessary to use fresh water and avoid tap water. Tap water has a lot of minerals that might mask the delicate notes of your tea. 

Do not over brew tea 

First of all, use tea more than 2 to 3 grams per cup so that the flavor is well extracted from the tea leaves. And secondly do not over brew it as the tea will turn bitter. Though many leaves can be steeped for a long time without a bitter note.  

Using special teapot for brewing

Using special teapots for brewing or different types of ceramics for serving tea, influences the flavor of your tea up to a greater extent. 

How to Make Your Chamomile Tea Taste Better?

Chamomile is a very useful medicinal herb. Therefore, chamomile tea is having a lot of buzzes all over the world. Chamomile tea has a very earthy flavor. We can add different shades of flavor to make chamomile tea fun.

Like we add lemon in our tea in the same way we can use lavender to our chamomile tea. You can use dried lavender petals or lavender flavored tea. It helps in uplifting your mood and feels pleasant while drinking. You can also experiment with vanilla as it has also become popular recently. By adding vanilla flavor to your cup of tea, or by adding licorice root while brewing it gives another note of flavor. You need to pay attention to the chamomile tea steep time, it should be around 5 to 10 minutes. 

How to Make Herbal Tea Taste Better?

Herbal tea has different shapes and styles therefore brewing style differs accordingly. If tea is too mild, steep it for a longer time at a higher temperature to take maximum essence out of it. If tea is too strong then lower the gas flame which will only focus on good flavor. For more excitement, you can use chocolate flavor to make chocolate herbal tea. Along with that, you can add the above-mentioned ingredients which will enhance the style of your tea.

How to Make Mother’s Milk Tea Taste Better? 

People say that brewing mothers’ milk tea does not taste that good. So to make it better you can add mother’s milk to your regular tea. Or you can add sugar or honey to sweeten the tea. Another way to enhance the taste is to use apple cider in your tea or you can go with lemon juice. 


Everyone is tired of the same flavor. So sometimes we need to change the taste of tea. Here in this article, we have brought to the solution of how to make tea taste better. And the best part of tea is you can experiment with it till you are satisfied with the taste. You can use different brewing methods and add some additional ingredients having amazing flavor and aroma and this is how you can make your tea taste better. 


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