How To Read Tea Leaves

How To Read Tea Leaves? A Complete Guide

The traditional Ayurvedic custom of tea leaf reading has long been an interesting fact for those who want to know what the next chapter in life holds. Tea Leaf Readers are skilled in interpreting the symbols and patterns in the loose-leaf left behind in the teacup. So, how does it work exactly? There’s a lot of speculation on the accuracy of tea leaf reading actually to predict the future. However, even if you’re not a believer, it is still an enjoyable thing to try over afternoon tea. 

The idea behind the Reading Tea Leaves mug is that while your coffee or tea is in the mug, the leaves swirling around will affect your fortune. Then, when you have finished your drink and emptied the last of the leaves, settle your mug down to reveal your future.

How it all started?

So in the 17th-century, writers, calligraphers, and painters began to write about tea leaves reading. It was a kind of entertainment and meditative activity and began to have much more profound meaning. The first tea leaves were being read to determine whether or not a person should continue their journey or they should stop at someplace. The art of reading the tea leaves is called Tasseography, and it is used a lot today in Asia and the western world. It is used by many people too. The art of tasseography started when the Chinese people drink tea leaves as they drink water. Tea is one of the most sold beverages in the world today, and it directly affects the people who use to drink it. So people create interest in how to read about tea leaves.

How To Read Tea Leaves

How to read tea leaves symbols?

The tea leaves symbols are being read through the pattern. In this pattern, the cup and the tea leaves which are in it are a symbol of ourselves. The symbols that we see in the teacup represent our reflection which is refracted due to our mood, attitude, and feelings about self. The symbols give us an insight into our subconscious. In tea leaf reading, various designs are formed in the cup. These symbols are often personal and may tell about a person’s future. However, keep in mind that these symbols belong to a legend and are not reality. 

Method 1

Here is a simple test to read the symbols in the cup. 

  1. Take the cup with tea leaves and place your fingers around it. 
  2. Close one eye that you will concentrate on the symbols of the leaves of tea in that cup. 
  3. Slowly look at all the sides of the cup after swirling it. The symbols are symmetrical if the cup contains lots of symbols. 
  4. If you see numbers, inverted triangles, and dots, you know that there will be a fall in your business.

Method 2

The cup is divided as one half of the cup is in the left direction, and the other half of the cup is in the right direction. Thus, the vertical line that runs through each half’s center can be extended to infinity in both directions. Thus, the symbol for tea leaf reading with the left side representing your negative traits and the right side representing your positive traits.

How to read your own tea leaves?

Learn to read your tea leaves. Then, a person can himself read his fortune. Wondering how to do it? Let us explore the procedure.

  1. Take some tea leaves in your hand and mediate the question which the answer you want to know. After asking the question, take the same leaves to put them in a spoon. 
  2. Now, you can start tasting your tea and enjoy it when you finished the tea. When you complete the first cup, turn the cup upside and down. 
  3. Look closely at the bottom of the cup, and then focus on the middle area. Now your eyes move to the handle.

This is how you can read your own tea leaves.

How to read a tea leaves book?

The first thing that we have to do is know what teas we are going to read. We have to know the herbal teas since it has a unique combination of ingredients as its taste. It is imperative because we have to distinguish all the flavors and smell them if we read something. And we have to know everything about them as much as possible. 

Tasseography: Reading Teacups is a theoretical book about Tasseography itself. It does not give methods on how actually to read tea leaves. However, many readers do this, and they are readily available. Tasseography for the 21st Century is a very visual and colorful way to learn this fascinating form of divination. It is a ‘how-to guide that helps you get started, gives you some insight into how this method of divination works, and offers top tips on becoming confident in your practice as quickly as possible.

How to read the meaning of the tea leaves?

The Tea Leaves describes a set of patterns and heuristics to help you discern how a situation will develop. It's based on examples from personal experience, political analyses, and business models. It also includes visual patterns, analytical models, and stories about the authors' predictions (good and bad). Tea-leaf reading is one kind of fortune-telling in which the tea leaves are used for prediction.

Final words

No mathematical formula. The hidden secrets are simple to see and use. It is a fantastic way to predict one's dream with his tea leaves, and it is easy to use. It is a valuable tool for you interested in the past, present, and future of your life and needs a deeper insight into your own life. I hope this has helped you to understand how Tasseograpy works and how to do Tasseography and tea leaf reading. If you’re interested to know more about tea go check the Teaswan website. 

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