What is Loose Leaf Tea? All you need to know about loose leaf tea

How to Store Loose Leaf Tea without losing its breathtaking Essence

Imagine having bought a fresh new batch of loose leaf teas that's rich in flavour, aroma and tastes like heaven. I know its incredible right. Teas can be amazing especially if it's loose-leaf. However, storing them can be tricky and if not done properly, loose leaves can go bitter and flavourless due to oxidation.

Luckily, loose leaf teas can be easily stored and can stay fresh for longer. Here are some of the best ways to store loose leaf teas.

Picking the right container

Stainless steel containers are the best way to store loose leaf teas as they tend to block sunlight better than glass containers and prevent oxidation. Most tea retailers sell their teas in stainless steel containers and if yours came in one, continue to store your loose leaves in that.

Although it is always advised to store your loose leaf teas in stainless steel containers, keeping them in coloured glass vessels or paper bags until you get your steel containers is also fine.

Avoid basic mistakes

No matter what container you choose to keep your loose leaf teas in, things can always go wrong if you don't dodge some of these common mistakes.

Keeping your spices and loose leaf tea separate would be a good idea. Teas can absorb aromas very easily and throwing your loose leaves next to your spices can influence its taste. 

Avoid using plastic to store your teas as plastics are known to absorb odour and can easily destroy your loose leaf's aroma, taste and eventually flavour.

But what if you kept your teas inside the refrigerator. I mean it does seem like a valid option right? No sunlight, no plastic and no spices.

No! storing your teas inside the refrigerator is not even an option. The moisture inside your refrigerator can damage the tea's texture resulting it to be flavourless and immune to steeping.

This brings me to the next point, i.e,  

Keep your teas stored in room temperature

It is always advised to store your loose leaf teas in room temperature. Fluctuations in temperature can damage your tea and keeping them in a room where the temperature is relatively consistent can avoid the damage that variation in temperature causes. Avoid heaters, air conditioners and windows to get the best results. 

Moisture and humidity is not always good. Avoid places near the sink, boiling water, and any other places in your home near sources of water.

Avoid Oxygen

Unlike you and me, your teas don't need oxygen. Even when you store your teas in an airtight vessel, some air still manages to be left behind and moreover, airtight does not mean "air-free".

Most teas come in vacuum-sealed bags and these sealing are a great way to ensure that the teas are preserved longer. However, vacuum sealings can crush delicate leaves and result in dusty bits of tea leaves. 

Therefore your best bet is using an oxygen-absorbing packet that usually contain iron and salt. These packets can be best for long term storages and assure less damage to loose leaf teas.

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