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Best Immunity Booster Tea at your Doorstep in the Pandemic

We are all stuck in a very critical situation, which has spread its arms globally. Commonly known as Corona virus or Covid 19 the most dangerous and contaminating viral disease. Which took topmost position among all the of Pandemic’s seen till date across the world.

However, as it is always said do not lose hope because hope is all you need to keep for having better possibilities in life. which can be derived by us from the scientists, doctors and other medical staffs backed by our government who are keeping their life at stake and making their full of it to come to a solution.

 As a common human being what can we do?

In this entire scenario, each one of us as an individual has a huge role to play. Starting from pushing ourselves into some certain things, which we need to maintain in our daily lives from now.  Like shaking hands with our immunity system of our body, which we  can commonly frame it to be acting as an antibody against all such critical virus. This is been scientifically proven by worldwide doctors and also by WHO that the immunity plays a very important role which needs to developed and improved. Even it will act as a resistance from this virus to infect in our body. The researchers have found that the people with higher percentage of immune power are capable of resisting this virus even after being infected by it.

Boost Up your immunity as much as you can:

Immunity boosting have started playing a huge role for our daily healthy existence .Yes, just a cup of warm tea twice or thrice a day can act as a Anti-Viral Aid to our body. UPASI the tea research foundation of Tamil Nadu has also declared that there is a high possibility of tea being one main extract to boost up and build up immunity in our body .Thus the government has also stated tea to be a necessity commodity and the manufactures and the distributers can do their process of selling it with a limited ,measure in India.

So, in this case we being the rising company TeaSwan have taken this opportunity to serve people in our best way with all the beneficial ranges of tea products

Immunity  Boosting  Tea Ranges:

There are a huge of tea variants we deal with like; there are Herbal tea, Oolong tea, Ayurvedic tea, Black tea, Green tea and so on.

Among which Black tea and Green tea are stated to be most beneficial variant, especially in this current situation.

Black Tea

 As it improves heart functions, maintaining blood sugar balance, help in reduction of nasal blockage even reduces blood pressure and many more health issues.

Therefore, we provide a huge range of them –

  • Irish breakfast tea
  • Goomtee Muscatel
  • Doke Black Fusion


Green Tea

It has always been highly recommended for growth of Antioxidant in the body, also helps in maintaining metabolism and energy level.

Green tea ranges can be of-

  • Evergreen Virndavan
  • Doke Green Diamond
  • Rose Green

Why TeaSwan?

Not only now but always TeaSwan tries to be the most convenient and composite in a work process starting from collecting the raw products from the tea gardens to make finish products out of it from the manufactures and to providing it to the wholesalers to the customer as individual .We have also started drop shopping.

The entire precaution chain works by following the advice of WHO like

immunity tea 

As a responsible human being, we are taking all such processing the deliver the best to you in the safest and secured way.


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