The Delightful Licorice Root Tea!!

The Delightful Licorice Root Tea!!

In the world of teas, it is not a surprising thing to find a variety of teas that is unknown to you! The specialty of teas is that you can find an ample number of teas that maybe you have not even heard about! However, for the deep-rooted tea lovers, Licorice root tea is just like a cup of black tea.

The Delightful Licorice Root Tea!!

Considering the very fact that you are completely new to this delightful tea, let us have the honour of taking you on a short tour about the popular Licorice root tea along with its benefits and side effects. Stay till the end to get a glimpse of the freshly brewed licorice root tea recipe!

A little background check of Licorice Root Tea:

Licorice is a herb that people have been using for over a thousand years to treat illnesses and ailments. It is been considered to be one of the oldest world remedies that come from the root of the licorice plant. Because of its smell and sweet flavour, licorice is even used in certain candies to give them a different taste overall!

Though this delicious tea is packed with several health benefits, researches and studies proved that excessive intake of licorice root tea can cause several threats to the human body. However, consuming it in the correct quantity is indeed beneficial to our body. So, do not stop here because of the side effects it possesses, but instead, get to have a taste of the ever-so-amazing delicious tea!

Benefits of Licorice Root Tea:

Been made from the root of the licorice plant, licorice root tea is also known as the ‘Sweet Root Tea’. The tea has a blend of flavour similar to the black licorice and has tasting notes of peppermint and anise.

Advisable to consume it once every day, the licorice root tea benefits are sure to result in a positive note in your body.

The potential benefits of licorice root tea are:

  1. Aids in digestion- licorice root tea is often been used in curing stomach ailments and illnesses such as upset stomach, ulcer and nausea. Several studies and researches proved that licorice tea is helpful in reducing bloating and gas. People consuming this tea reviewed that a cup of freshly brewed licorice tea in the morning improves the digestion process and makes them feel light in the stomach!


  1. Sore throat- licorice root tea is been used as a remedy for curing sore throats for a long time! It is been proved by the studies that this delicious tea has the same effect on a sore throat that a normal gargle has. A cup of brewing hot licorice tea has the potential to clean out a cough and as a result, your sore throat heals.


  1. Skin inflammation and infection- allergy, infection, and inflammation of the skin are all common problems that people face in their life. This is mainly because of the pollution around us. Licorice root extract can be of great help in this. It fights against the bacteria that infect the skin and aids in cleaning the system from inside. It is even helpful in preventing acne and pimples.


  1. Anticancer properties- licorice root tea may even have a drastic effect on cancer patients. Because of the many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects, licorice root extract can be used for treating certain types of cancer. Several studies proved that it could even slow down the rate of growth of the cancer cell, especially in the case of skin, breast, and prostate cancer.


  1. Improves respiratory conditions- licorice root extract is a great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. In several case studies, it is been noted that licorice root tea aids in the improvement of upper respiratory conditions. People suffering from asthma react positively to this beverage and have shown results in this field too.

The Delightful Licorice Root Tea!!

How to make Licorice Root Tea?

After getting to know some of the potential health benefits of licorice tea, it is time for Tea Swan to let its customers know about the recipe of the relishing licorice root tea!

Making licorice tea is one of the easiest recipes of tea that you will ever come across! With minimal effort and maximum love, you can prepare one of the best tasting teas- straight out of your kitchen! For that, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps to make sure you get the recipe right.

Ingredients required:

  • Water
  • Licorice root extract

Preparation method:

Step 1- Boil some water in a saucepan.

Step 2- Add the licorice root extract once the water is boiled.

Step 3- Let the root steep in the boiling water for 2 minutes.

Step 4- With the help of a strainer, strain the tea and pour it into your cups! Enjoy sipping the delicacy!

Note: Sugar or milk is not been added to the licorice tea because it may ruin the taste and flavour of the authentic tea for you.


Tasting notes of the licorice tea: Licorice root tea is sweet in taste with a blended flavour of salty, bitter, and sour notes. The exclusive taste of the tea makes the tea drinking experience an amazing one! The specialty of this tea is that each sip of the tea will give you a different flavour. The charismatic aroma of the tea will fill your room with its robust flavour.

Have the supreme collection at Tea Swan- the blend of licorice tea with other teas! Have the delightful experience over tea that you always wanted to!

Some of the exclusive picks from Tea Swan are:

  • Cinnamon twist
  • Tangy ginger
  • Ocean berry

Each one has its own flavour and taste, thus giving you a touch of the variety of teas! The 3 listed teas are blended with other flavours to make the tea taste heavenly and of course, the best!

Licorice Root Tea Side Effects

Consumption of licorice tea twice every day is not something that is advisable for tea lovers. To retain the maximum of its benefits, it is as said, advisable to consume it just once daily.

However, excess consumption of it can lead to severe negative impacts on the body. Some of the licorice root tea side effects include:

  1. During pregnancy- licorice tea should be avoided at any cost during pregnancy. There are certain substances in the tea that may lead to the miscarriage of the child. In certain studies, also proved that women who are trying to conceive should avoid licorice tea. Even for breastfeeding women, this tea should be avoided.


  1. Lower potassium levels- consuming too much licorice tea can end up giving you low potassium levels. It is often been found that people start to have abnormal heartbeats, high blood pressure, swelling, and sometimes heart failure.


  1. Drug interactions- licorice root tea often interacts with other medications and leads to having a negative effect on the blood pressure levels, cholesterol levels, estrogen-based contraceptives, and blood thinners.

Note: it is always advisable to consult a doctor before starting licorice tea because there is no way we would want you to fall sick!

Final Words:

Drinking licorice root tea has a different feeling that you would not get by drinking any other tea! The blends of flavours and tastes make it all the way more delightful. The preparation of the licorice tea depends on the way you brew it, the time you steep it, and the amount of love and care you pour into it! Tea Swan is here at your service, providing the best of the blended licorice tea that will make your platter complete!

The Delightful Licorice Root Tea!!

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