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Magical Ginseng Tea

Where Does Ginseng Come From?

Ginseng is a herbal supplement that grows in regions with a cold climate. You may not have guessed, but unlike traditional tea, the leaves of the Ginseng Plant are not used for making the tea. Instead, the roots are used for making tea. Before you explore more about Ginseng tea, here is a big surprise - it is mainly cultivated in Korea. 

Yes, you read it right! Korea is not just famous for its K-POP music but also for its unique supernatural crop ‘Ginseng’. With a variety of health perks, it is also known as Asian Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, or Korean GInseng. North America, the third-largest continent is not only famous for its varied geography but also for producing a rare variety of Ginseng - the American ginseng.

What Is Ginseng Tea Good For?

The Korean Ginseng tea is believed to grant long and healthy life. Similarly, even the American Ginseng Tea, which is a herbal infusion is believed to give perpetual and abiding life. Let us look into a few of the many great benefits of Ginseng Tea. 

Cures Severe Diabetes

Starting with its first use - It is an unerring kit that is going to cure any kind of diabetes. Diabetes, one of the major health concerns nowadays, often arises due to an unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle.  You have to pay a huge sum of money for its treatment to keep it under check. However, a regular cup of ginseng tea can lower blood sugar levels by boosting insulin production and improving pancreas function.

Reduces Unclear Thinking and Autism Alzheimer and Depression

Compound K and gensionocides found in Ginseng tea help in protecting the brain against damages caused by free radicals. Also, It helps in lessening the most rapidly increasing affliction - depression, which could ultimately, if not treated leads to severe brain abnormalities. In total, having ginseng tea helps in maintaining sound mental healing by calming the body and nerves. 

Fights Various Inflammatory and Communicable Diseases

The risk of common cold, cough, infections and, flu can also be abated with the help of this. Bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme found in ginseng tea helps in fighting any kind of inflammation like eczema and others. In addition to this, it has mucolytic properties that help in breaking and expelling mucus, thus improving the condition of the respiratory system.

Corrects Male Erectile Dysfunction

Ginseng contains a compound that boosts the production of nitric oxide that in turn helps in protecting against oxidative stress in blood vessels and tissues of the penis (male genital part). It allows muscle relaxation by improving blood circulation. 

Resolves Herpes SImplex Virus-type 2

The serious Herpes Simplex Virus- type 2 ( HSV-2 ) can be cured with the proper intake of Ginseng tea. As a study has shown NTS ( Nucleotidyltransferase Superfamily Enzymes) found in ginseng acts as a catalyst in suppressing the replication of HSV Type-2 by 10 folds. So, taking it as an ingredient of tea as per doses being suggested by a doctor is an easy way to cure it.

Where to buy Ginseng tea from

It is so simple! Just have a walk to your nearest shopping mall where you get your kinds of stuff for pantry use or visit a grocery shop, you are going to get it right there. You can buy it as per your requirement.

But what if you don’t have time to visit a food market or a grocery shop? There is no need to fret, many online stores sell Ginseng Tea too. We, at TeaSwan, are committed to providing the best tea experience to our customers. We have a range of Ginseng Tea for you to choose from. If you wish to try Ginseng Tea for the first time, you may request a sample with your order. 

We are sure our Premium Ginseng Tea would be a treat to your palate, and you would surely love it. 

 How much GInseng Is In Arizona Green Tea?

Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey, sounds interesting, isn’t it? But the question is how much ginseng is present in the Arizona green tea? 

However, very little quantity of ginseng is present in Arizona Green Tea - almost negligible. Such a little quantity is insufficient to provide any real benefits of Ginseng tea. To make up for the low levels of ginseng, fructose is added as its compensation. As such, it is not recommended for people with any blood diabetes. It can, however, be very helpful if you are aiming to lose weight in a short period.

How to Make Ginseng Tea?

As you may be wondering how to make ginseng tea, let us see how you can make your cup. It is not a very complex process and should take only 10 minutes to make your cup.


  • A kettle.
  • Ginseng tea.
  • Honey.
  • A strainer.
  • Steps To Prepare
  • Put the kettle on  and add 1 Cup of water
  • Bring it to boil
  • Then add 5 grams of ginseng to it
  • Steep for 10 minutes while covering the kettle with a  lid  
  • Pour it in your cup using a strainer
  • Add honey to taste

Your herbal infusion of magical ginseng herb is ready to satisfy your taste buds and strengthen your immune system. All that is left for you to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your cup of Ginseng Tea. 

Final Words

We, at TeaSwan, love ginseng tea a lot, but we know it can be something of an acquired taste. So, we would love to know more about your favorite way to drink Ginseng Tea. It would be great for us if we get to know more ways to try out the magical ginseng tea and enjoy it wholeheartedly. 

Most doctors and health experts believe having a cup of ginseng tea would be very beneficial for your personal health. However, you should avoid drinking it before bedtime as it may have an adverse effect on your sleep pattern. Ginseng tea can prove to be very helpful in maintaining your overall health. Hence,

                                    ‘ Drink magical Ginseng tea

                                      To be safe, fit, and healthy.’


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