Orange Pekoe Tea

What is Orange Pekoe Tea? - Learn About The Popular Black Tea

One of the most popular black teas globally, Orange Pekoe, is named after China's Fujian province, where it was initially produced. The tea takes its name from the way the processed leaves resemble tiny orange pincushions. Nice, right? 

The Orange Pekoe tea has a characteristically full and earthy flavor with notes of caramel. We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our Orange Pekoe teas. The finest quality tea leaves grown in the famous 'one leaf, and a bud' grade are meticulously hand-sorted to ensure only the naturally flat-shaped leaves are used in our blends. You should definitely try it!

What is Orange Pekoe Tea? 

That was the question I asked when my tea taster offered me a cup of it. The tiny Chinese leaves looked just like a typical black tea, but the name alerted me that, in all probability, it would not taste like an everyday Earl Grey. So the answer to my query was: Orange pekoe is not orange-flavored but something to do with the size and shape of the leaf used in its production.

Orange Pekoe is the name used by the international tea industry to denote a whole leaf black tea having both full size and an abundance of orange-brown tips. Unfortunately, the term "Orange Pekoe" appears in no official or commercial publication other than US customs rulings. However, it is widely used in the marketing of tea bags and tea canisters world over.

Orange Pekoe Tea

Orange Pekoe Black Tea

Orange Pekoe black tea might sound like a specific kind of tea, but it’s a system of grading Indian black teas according to the size and quality of their leaves. Whether they’ve enjoyed a cup at a restaurant or have simply heard the name before, many people new to the tea world mistake Orange Pekoe for a flavored black tea. In reality, a grade of Orange Pekoe represents black Indian leaf teas with a full-bodied, delicate flavour and somewhat coarser texture.

Orange Pekoe Black Tea is an oxidized black tea that comes from Kyoto, Japan. It is an excellent blend of black tea, ginger, candied orange peel, and cinnamon. The ginger in this blend is noticeably milder than the Ginger Black we offer. On the traditional Japanese tea scale, this has a higher level of astringency and higher level of caffeine than our other loose leaf teas.

Orange Pekoe black tea blend is a classic company favorite. A larger-leaf purple tea from Ceylon, the base of this traditional tea blend, is blended with Indian selections for a medium-bodied cup that's full-flavored and complex. With its appealing notes of pineapple, apple, peach, and malt, it's the perfect starter tea to expand a new palate.

Orange Pekoe Tea Bags

Sip a cup of refreshing Orange pekoe Black Tea from our Teabags and experience the tingle of caffeine as it hits your taste buds. This famous yet humble tea goes through fermentation and oxidation, resulting in the characteristic dark-colored leaves. The secret to a good cup of tea is all in the pouch. Orange pekoe Black Tea is caffeinated for energy and great taste. It can be served iced or hot to help you stay alert and focused all day long. These black tea leaves are specially processed in a way that releases more caffeine than many other black teas so that when you sip a cup of tea, it has just the right amount of kick.

Our Orange Pekoe Black Tea has been hand-picked in the mountains of Tibet and gives you a naturally high level of caffeine to perk up your day. Our premium green teas are carefully blended with fruit flavoring and naturally high levels of caffeine.

Benefits of Orange Pekoe 

Orange pekoe tea is a fine choice for a delicious, stimulating teacup with an exquisite aroma and flavorsome taste. It can help lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, decrease blood pressure, improve brain health and fight off infection.

Our tea is steeped in the fine art of tea making from the young leaves, tips, and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant. This is where its unique flavor comes from. Orange pekoe tea offers you a healthy natural drink that enhances your well-being.

Final Words

For the final cup of orange pekoe tea, you'll find many options from among our high-quality teas, including our Orange Pekoe Gold. But no matter which of our tea blends you choose, you can be sure it was harvested at its peak and hand-crafted just for you.

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