Popular Tea In England

Popular Tea In England

England has found a great taste in drinking tea after the 17th Century. It was the East India Company that had brought into their traditional means to have tea during meal times and this has created an important significance to the people. The likes for tea have risen so much that everyone has made a habit of drinking tea. And there have been many debates regarding tea right from getting the best tea to how to excel in preparing the best cup of tea. 

Well, till today British families still have delicate teapot sets and special rare teas to bring the good experience of the old days. Let's find out popular tea in England.

Popular Tea In England

What is the most popular tea in England?

The most popular tea in England is the English Breakfast tea which was one of the oldest and most consumed teas in England.  The English Breakfast tea is a blend of the strong caffeinated black tea that originated from the plains and hills of India. The tea is quite a popular one as everyone in the country was able to afford it at that time. The blend was so delightful and sweet that it fills the wholesome flavour to one’s mouth just by a sip of the cup of tea.

But as time passes the English Breakfast tea was surpassed by the famously Earl Grey Tea and Lady Grey tea. Both the tea has a rich flavour that is blended with bergamot essential oil to give that robust flavour burst exquisitely and will just please the whole day.

Earl Grey tea is also the oldest tea in England just after the popularity of English Breakfast had grown. The Earl Grey tea is a favourable blend of black tea and the oil of bergamot which is having a unique taste that melts the need for drinking tea. There are several blends of Earl Grey tea that are so splendid and are exotic beverages on top. The tea is much more comfortable with light meals or snacks like pastry, cakes that savour the taste to the extreme. It was also said that drinking Earl Grey tea was considered to be a posh beverage for a well-to-do family.

With its high-quality taste, Earl Grey tea is also providing good health benefits and risks to the body when consumed. The tea has found a great way to aid in heart health, can reduce blood pressure, and can help with the digestive system. But on the other hand, the tea can be a risk to people with skin issues and can cause muscle cramps.

And the Lady Grey tea is just a variation of Earl Grey tea as it is very strong in flavour. So, to balance that high flavour, lemon and orange peels were added to contribute the glam up in taste. This tea has the same properties but slightly different in how they taste.

What is the most popular type of tea in England?

As the famous tea blends were made from Black tea. So, Black tea is the most popular type of tea in England. Black tea is the favourite tea type in England as it was first introduced back then when tea was considered a luxury style to this day where tea has been an everyday habit. Many variants and blends of black tea are produced to make them taste even better.  Black was also considered as their favourite due to its potential to go well with meals. Black tea is a strong tea that can be taken with or without milk and this is so efficient to enjoy the pleasure on both preferences.

With the coming of teabags, it has also been more of an easy process to brew the black tea and to steep the tea faster. The convenience we get from tea bags is that we can always have that same cup of tea anywhere we go and that will always feel like home.

Black tea also contains full of health benefits that can be an aid to many health problems. It has many healing and boosting properties that can uphold and bring a positive happy life. The most caffeinated tea is no surprise to melt the uncomfortable and lazy body at work. Black tea has all kinds of varieties and blends that provide the best range of flavours to being an energetic beverage that can be very pleasant on a moody day. The high oxidation level of the tea makes the crimson red cup of tea beautiful and energizing.

Popular Tea In England

Most popular tea brands in England

PG Tips is the most popular tea brand in England that has produced thousands of products that are famous in the world. But the recent stats for being the top has been overtaken by Twining's, an English-based company that gains popularity through the sales of Super blends and Cold Infuse products. But still, it is no match for the humble PG Tips as people in England are still looking for its products.


The taste for tea in England hasn’t changed from the past. The people still like the old Black tea flavour which remains to bring back the old memories as the joy of having tea was so special that one considers it as a beautiful moment being spent. The Black tea that is enjoyed throughout the world comes from the plains of Assam, India which is so delicate that it is one special black tea that is non-hesitant to drink.


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