Sneak peek into the Best Black Tea - served your way!

Sneak peek into the Best Black Tea - served your way!

best black teaIt’s nearly an unrealistic fact about a tea lover that he didn’t taste the best black tea! Black tea is said to be the best and popular tea in the whole world, especially in the Western countries. In modern times, black tea has gained much popularity because of its health benefits.

People avoid milk tea for either of the two reasons:

  • They are on a diet or have any issues with their health and hence, no sugar intake
  • They tasted black tea once and there is no going back

Whether it is oolong tea, green tea or black tea, it comes from the same plant named ‘Camelia Sinensis’. What determines the type of tea it will be, depends on the process they are plucked and the system that they have to go through. It is then that the teas are given names and served as different types.

Whether you are looking for an iced tea, decaf tea, tea bags or even loose teas, black tea serves all your purposes!

What does black tea taste and the process to choose the best black tea?

All black teas go through the process of oxidisation and fermentation. That is the reason why black tea gets better with age and can be as savouring as the first time even after years!

The flavours usually included in black tea are:

  • Smoky
  • Spicy
  • Nutty
  • A pinch of sweetness or honey smell
  • Earthy
Unlike milk tea, green tea or any other tea, black tea has a bold and strong taste. It instantly gives you energy and reduces headaches including migraine pains or sinus. The best black tea smells amazing when it is freshly brewed, and served right in your cup!

The best black tea depends on several factors, namely-
  • Climate and weather in which the plant Camelia Sinesis is grown
  • The process of fertilisation
  • The process of fermentation and oxidisation
  • The way the tea leaves are cut and plucked
  • The way the leaves are packed

Tea Swan provides the best collection of their black tea to its customers. Whether you want the best black tea for iced tea, best black tea for milk tea or best loose black tea, best organic black tea, everything is presented to you with much care!

Choosing the best black tea isn’t the problem. The problem is brewing it properly so that no nutrients are wasted and you get to relish your tea, each time when you sip it.



90-95 degree of boiling water 


One teaspoon of tea leaves for a cup

Black tea used

Any tea (Assam tea, Darjeeling Tea, Earl Grey Tea) 

Time needed for brewing

2 minutes (if preferred light) 

3 minutes (if preferred strong) 

Evening tea or morning tea or any-time-of-the-day tea is a tea lover’s saviour and their only companion. It is important to have your cup of tea in your style so that you don’t miss out on the essence of it.

This article is further going to take you on a short journey with some of the best black tea in the world!

1. English Breakfast Tea or Irish Breakfast Tea

Drinking a strong cup of black tea in the morning along with your breakfast is a custom that the Indians have adopted from the British or the Western countries. This cup of black tea enhances your energy and lets you feel more active and energised throughout the day for your work. This tea is supposed to be stronger than all the teas during the day and hence, it is brewed for a longer time.

2. Earl Grey Tea

It is another tea, which came from the Western countries. The unique feature about this tea is its bold and assertive character. Bergamot orange is a small citrus tree that grows in Italy during the winters. The oil extracted from this particular tree has a citrusy touch in it, which is used in this tea. It makes the tea one of the best tasting black tea. In addition, if you don’t like it in a proper tea style, there is a solution for you! It is regarded to be one of the best decaf black tea. As said, once this tea is tasted, there is no going back to the milk tea!

3. Assam Black Tea

It is a universally known fact that Assam is famous for its tea gardens. Hence, Assam tea is one of the best black tea available. Coming from the terrains of Assam directly, this tea is exported to all the tea loving countries. Not to be surprised, Assam is the world’s largest tea producing region. The award for the best black tea for milk tea goes, undoubtedly, to Assam Black Tea.

4. Darjeeling Black Tea

 Apart from the high mountains and the famous Tiger Hill point, Darjeeling is known widely for its tea plantations. The tea gardens are a common sight-seeing for the tourists from all over the world. Like Assam Black tea, Darjeeling Black tea is also exported to other countries. The best loose leaf black tea is the one and only Darjeeling tea, which is served best as it is- without adding sugar and milk.

5. Mokalbari Black Tea

Are you in search of some of the best black tea bags, while leaving for a trip? Tea Swan is right here to provide you with everything you need.

Mokalbari is a district in the state of Assam, the tea King. It is a well known tea brand for golden tipped tea. The richness in the colour, which is reddish black, and its taste, is the best part about this particular tea. It is one of the best organic black tea available in the market today.

Don’t forget to take some potlis or tea bags of this black tea, if you are an ardent black tea lover!

How can you make black tea?\

Things to put in black tea varies from person to person. In order to make your tea the best tasting black tea at home by yourself, you need to add just a few more ingredients in it.

  • The best things to put in black tea are, undoubtedly:
  • Ginger- to spice it up a bit
  • Mint- to make it extra lively
  • Lemon juice- to add a nice boost of citrus flavour and smell
  • Cinnamon- to avoid sugar but to add a bit of sweetness
  • Cloves- to make your throat have a soothe feeling

Tea lovers are never the same! They want their own blend of spices and mixture to make their tea taste the best.

In addition to this, straining and brewing the black tea leaves also plays an important role in the tea taste. The longer the leaves are strained, the more it will have caffeine percentage present in it along with a strong flavour and smell.

Straining it for a shorter period will make the tea light yet bold enough to get rid of your irritable mood.

The best way to make your tea the best black tea is to make your own tea!

Best Time to drink black tea:

There is absolutely no specific ‘best time to drink black tea’ guidance! If you are a tea person, you will need tea right in the morning after you wake up, in between your work to lift up your mood, in the evening to drive away your dizziness and at night to get yourself relaxed and calm.

Note: if you are a person who gets trouble to sleep at night, avoid having black tea before going to bed!

“Tea has no mood. It is itself a mood!” is a strong sentence which every tea lover have told it once in their lifetime to a person who is not a tea person! It is a connection that people feel while sipping and relishing the tea. Even if it is a break of 10 minutes from their work, you will surely find them in the cafeteria with a cup of tea in their hand!


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