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Assam is extremely popular for its quality of tea as well as the characteristic excellence of the tea plantation region. Massively found mountain locale, its greenery and wonderful climate make this area well known not as it were for its tea, but too for being a well known spot for getting a charge out of eco- vacations. Assam, the domestic to beginning of Indian Tea, a few 165 a long time back, is additionally one of the foremost popular Tea generation spots within the world.

The both sides of popular waterway, Brahmaputra, constitute the world's biggest Tea growing area. Full bodied and malty flavored Assam Tea offers shinning alcohol that's delighted in by all Tea drinkers. Assam is the world's biggest tea developing locale, creating more at that point 400million of kgs of tea yearly. Excellent tea bequests of Assam cover almost 2,16, 200 hectares of arrive. Assam nowadays comprises of more than 100 tea domains. Editing season ordinarily starts from Walk and endures by mid December. The primary plucking begins in Walk and ceaseless for around two months. 

History of Assam Tea : 

Tea drinking to begin with begun in China. The credit of revelation of Assam tea plant goes to Robert Bruce, who taken note the plant developing wild within the slopes close Rangpur in 1823 amid his exchanging mission. The leaves of these plants were sent to the botanical gardens, which were afterward on classified as to be of the same species as the china tea plant. It was in 1839, when the primary company for developing and making tea was set up in India, Assam tea was set up. 

 In the 1862, Assam Tea industry consisted of 160 gardens, which were later claimed by the 5 open companies and 57 private ones. Later on the government designated the extraordinary commission to investigate almost all the angles of the company. From than the company begin developing and presently it one of the major company's producing tremendous sum of revenue.

Tourist Excercises  

top tea gardens in Assam

 Nature Walk : 

Take a nature walk to the rich and verdant tea gardens. Witness the specialists culling the tea takes off and working difficult within the areas. You'll speak with them and have a container of hot and fiery dark tea with them. Separated from that you just can basically relax within the calm and serene environment. 

 Assam Tea Celebration : 

If you make a visit to the Assam within the month of November, you'll be able be portion of Assam Tea celebration. It is organized by the Assam tourism and is the totally one of a kind encounter which ought to not be missed. It gives you the opportunity to form a visit to the wonderful tea gardens, appreciate the energizing waterway travels. Sightseers can make a visit to the Guwahati Tea Sell off Center in Guwahati, which is the biggest in India.

Assam Tea Benefits 

There are numerous benefits of Assam tea. It is fabulous for keeping up heart wellbeing and is known to be great for the brain. Since it contains overwhelming sums of caffeine, the Assam brew is incredible for kicking absent laziness within the morning. In truth, it is oftentimes compared to the English breakfast tea, since it is so solid. In truth, not at all like coffee, it does not cause nerves as a result of its moderate discharge of caffeine, it makes a difference individuals to center on their work for much longer without breaking into nerves. The Assam brew is fundamentally a dark tea and an amazing elective to coffee. 

Employement in Tea Sector

 Assam government has chosen to supply Tea plant workers business beneath MGNREGA amid the winter season when tea generation is lean. Several non lasting works don't have employments amid winters as there's no tea leafs to be plucked. Assam cabinet has chosen that they will be given work in lake uncovering, street building etc beneath MGNREGA.

Beneath MGNREGA, profitable trees like Agar, Som etc will be planted for financial advantage. Too community lakes will be made beneath MGNREGA in expansive numbers.Assam has more than 10 lakh tea specialists within the sorted out segment, working in almost 850 huge bequests. The state produces generally 55% of India’s tea. The tea belts of Brahmaputra and Barak valleys are domestic to more than 60 lakh people.

How many tea gardens are there in Assam?

100 tea estates .There are around 100 tea bequests in Assam which are committed to the farming of tea. The tea domains are spread over an range of 2,16,2000 hectares.  

Which is the largest tea garden in Assam?

Monabarie Tea Domain at Biswanath Locale of Assam is Asia's Biggest Tea Domain. The tea domain is possessed by the McLeod Russel India Restricted, a portion of Williamson Magor Group.

Top Three must visit Tea Gardens in Assam 
  1. Manohari Tea Estate : Tea cultivate see The to begin with one to create to our list of best tea gardens in Assam is Manohari Tea Bequest. Bringing you a cup of morning tea since the British time, this renowned tea domain is settled within the upper locale of Assam at an height of 390 ft over ocean level along the Indian-Burmese border.  All through all these decades, the quality and the wealthy smell of the tea takes off collected by Manohari Tea Domain is unmatched.
  1. Assamica Agro Natural Farm -The Assamica Agro Natural cultivate has re-imagined the tea encounter with their moral and common tea clears out delivered by the natural tea agriculturists in Assam. The tea developed by the cultivate makes a solid container of tea, as they are free from pesticides and other chemicals. 
  1. Sonapur Tea Estate : Going past the strange magnificence of tea domains in Assam, the Sonapur tea domain will take you to Guwahati which is known as the heart of the North-East. Built up by the Britishers in early 1924. Spreading the solid brew of their high-quality CTC tea, this bequest begun its travel by creating Standard tea within the beginning a long time.

Why is Assam Famous for Tea?

The climate changes between a cool, dry winter and a hot, muggy stormy season—conditions perfect for developing tea. Since of its long developing season and liberal precipitation, Assam is one of the foremost prolific tea-producing locales within the world.


Chai, as we know, is an solution that most Indians flourish on. Assam tea has the capacity to mix truly well with drain and sugar not at all like numerous other assortments of teas. It moreover complements the flavors of a couple of flavors like cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. There are numerous varieties of Assam tea, and the quality, as well as the grades, vary. Since the brew is developed in plenitude, the CTC strategy of the manor is more regularly than not utilized in its processing.

Since the brew is developed in gigantic amounts and handled employing a mechanical CTC strategy, it is estimated in a pocket-friendly way. This implies that the brew is inside the reach of most Indians. Most of the middle-class Indians are always on the seek for reasonable items and Assam tea exceptionally effectively ticks all the boxes. It is full of caffeine, it tastes great, it mixes with drain and more than anything else, it is exceptionally effortlessly accessible.

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