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Your Favourite And The Best Tea To Go

tea to go

Tea is not just a drink; it is an emotion for some! An obvious answer of all the tea lovers to that one question “tea?” is a yes. It is a common thing nowadays that we often come across social media people labelling themselves as “a tea to go person”.  

Just as a dog can be someone’s best travelling partner, tea can play the same role. Travelling with tea comes with a big responsibility. Along with the tea, one needs to carry the other associated things as well. If you are one such person, who can relate to all the stuff mentioned above, this site is just the one for you!

Tea Swan provides you with all the necessary things that you have being look for- the perfect essentials that fits in your travel plan.

Tea to Go :- Complete Details

1. The perfect Infuser Kettle- 

This handy kettle lets you carry it with yourself to any place that you want to wander off. The speciality of this particular item that makes it top the list is that it has a fine mesh for the loose tea leaves so that it is stained and stored there only. Just pour the boiled water and the tea leaves in the strainer. The best tea leaves for this is green tea, jasmine tea and oolong tea. Made out of stainless steel and highly borosilicate glass, it keeps the tea inside hot. You can have a cup of tea anytime that you wish for by just pouring it from the kettle. Not taking up much space, this kettle is the right size for your tea ‘essential’ bag.


 2. The best Glass bottle Infuser-

Are you facing a problem in doing space management? You don’t have enough space for carrying a kettle? Your worries are over! Presenting this exclusive item of Tea Swan, a clear glass bottle infuser. Superior grade double wall, glass body infuser is a slim tall bottle that fits in your bag without any problem. You need not have to worry about the size of the bottle as it has the capacity to provide you the satisfaction by serving you tea! The unique characteristic of this tea to go product is that it lets you see the tea while it is in making. The glass body is designed in such a way that it keeps the tea inside hot and warm.

 3. Just for you: Flower Potli-

tea to go

It is not always possible to carry a container for your favourite tea leaves. A tea lover would simply not take the risk of going without their necessities to someplace else! The solution is just here. Whether you are a Tulsi tea person, Chamomile tea person or a Darjeeling tea person, Tea Swan has just all the tea poltlis or tea bags ready for you. Get a pack of your favourite kind and this tea to go will serve your purpose just right. We have a variety of tea potlis, packed beautifully in a box that will melt your heart. Have one potli every day and enjoy your long holiday in a farr off land.

Just in case you are travelling and cannot do it without tea, pack some loose tea leaves along with you for the journey. Don’t forget to have the above mentioned things ready in your tea ‘essential’ bag for a tea to go.

Something to remember when you are packing loose tea leaves (because a tea lover would NEVER give up on tea)-

  • Pack the tea leaves in an air-tight container as contact with air can take away the beautiful smell of the leaves, and what good is tea if the smell is missing?
  • Carry an infuser kettle filled with hot water, so that you don’t have to stop in the middle of the road in search of hot water!
  • Select and carry simple tea leaves such as black tea, oolong tea or green tea, that doesn’t take much time to brew.

When you are travelling to places that have tea, it is always a blessing! Explore on the different types of teas available there because who knows, you may fall in love with one of their kinds too. However, when you travel to a country with no such tea items, always carry them with you. You don’t want to miss out on tea anytime of the day, do you?

Another plus point of carrying tea is, when you go to a road trip and have some dry snacks on the way along with sipping tea! That moment will be an absolute bliss for the tea lovers. Have a sandwich or some namkeen with your tea to go and relish the moments.

Tea to go travelling is allowed anywhere- flights, trains or by roads. All your criteria for a ‘tea to go’ travel will be met if you just shop from Tea Swan. Tea is one of the rare good company you will have for travelling because as much as you love tea, tea loves you back! 

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