The Tea Lounge at The Grand Hyatt Mumbai by TeaSwan

Introducing an Exclusive Tea Lounge only at The Grand Hyatt Mumbai

TeaSwan has been breaking the stereotype tea-drinking culture offering the highest and purest quality of teas imaginable. A cooperative of youthful individuals with a fiery passion focus on covering all tea needs and wishes.

To take our love for tea to the next level, we have exclusively partnered with The Grand Hyatt Mumbai to bring you The Tea Lounge. Catering to individuals with exotic taste buds, we carry award-winning teas from different tea gardens.

Our Partner

Drinking tea is a daily activity, but drinking quality tea every day is a choice. The Tea Lounge Offers a Unique Tea experience unlike any other. 

A collaboration with our companions at The Grand Hyatt Mumbai has allowed us to revolutionize the tea culture in India. The Grand Hyatt shares the same ideology and is keen on providing the purest form of teas to the masses. 

About our Tea Lounge

The Tea Lounge is furnished with more than 100+ original Black, Green, White, Oolong & Herbal Teas from celebrated Tea Gardens across Assam, Darjeeling, Nepal, and China. Taste the crop in your cup with teas that are relished all around the world.

Do you love Chocolate as much as you love tea? Why compromise? Mix them together and plunge into an exciting outburst of flavors with our elite collection of flavoured teas. Whether it be Apple with Hibiscus, Whiskey with Black Tea or Wine that's smoked, you name it The Lounge has it all.


A Unique Experience - Blend your Own Tea

A "Blend Your Own Tea" experience allows you to create your custom blend. With our selection of handpicked Organic and Flavoured Teas, Go imaginative and Go aesthetic. Experiment with your taste buds and create teas that are unique to you.

The combinations are limitless – the results spectral! Use our custom blending feature and pick a tea flavour that best suits your personal taste and style. You will not regret your decision!


From casual meets to getting your business deals done over a cuppa or an anticipated reunion you longed for, The Tea Lounge has you included for your never-ending conversations.

Visit The Grand Hyatt Mumbai and pamper yourself with this exclusive experience.

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Such a great idea of blending tea .Would love to have a customized tea.
Thank you all for your kind words!!!
People doing amazing job! Keep it up!
Great 👍🏼
Prakriti Subba

Such a creative idea of blending different taste and making such nice product


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