tulshi tea benefits

Some Amazing Tulsi Tea Benefits that will Blow your Mind!

tulshi tea benefits

In olden days, people believed in the traditional ways of consuming food and drinks. For any health issue, they used to make homemade ‘Kadas’ or teas with absolute natural ingredients. Tulsi is one of the most popular thing that is been used worldwide as a medicine. So, imagine if you get a cup of tulsi tea to soothe and relief your mind! Nothing can be better than that! This article will lay down some amazing tulsi tea benefits that will leave you in awe of it.

Keep it till the end of this article to get a glimpse about the different benefits of tulsi tea provided to you by the one and only- Tea Swan!

A sneak peek into the History of Tulsi Tea:

To everyone’s knowledge, Tulsi tea is a leading tea in the category of Herbal Teas. It is been consumed by people at large- inside and outside the country. To the reader’s surprise, when discussed about herbal teas, the first thing that pops into almost everybody’s mind is none other than Tulsi Tea!

Ocimum tenuiflorum is the scientific name of what is been commonly known as Basil or Tulsi. It is an aromatic plant, which can be found in almost every household in India! The leaves of Tulsi plant hold immense importance in the religion of Hinduism. It is widely used as an herbal tea, often under the category of ‘Ayurveda’.

It is cultivated in the regions of Southeast Asian tropics. It grows up to be a small shrub with green leaves, an aroma that can be peppery or sometimes astringent. The leaves are cultivated, picked and then dried for the use in herbal teas, known as Tulsi Tea.

Like any other tea, tulsi leaves can be steeped in boiling water, brewed to get the authentic tea or blended with any herbal tea to get more essence and in turn, more benefits of tulsi tea.

Health Benefits of Tulsi tea:

Tulsi tea benefits have been in the run for over decades now. It is been used as a medicinal drink as well as a health benefactor tea.

To any tea lover who has not yet explored the tulsi tea, you have come to the perfect place for all your answers, and to any tea lover who is into tulsi tea must already be knowing the health benefits of it!

Let us now take a glimpse into the tulsi tea health benefits!

What are the health benefits of tulsi tea?

Tulsi in all its forms has a healing factor. Be it in the form of freshly picked leaves or dried leaves or in the powered form- they all serve different purpose! Chewing some fresh tulsi leaves in the morning or in fact, any time of the day, can be a perfect healthy thing for you. However, do you know that sipping Tulsi tea can be more savouring and beneficial?

Prevents Respiratory Disorders-

Tulsi tea is the best medicine for you when you are suffering from cough, cold, fever, sore throat or even asthma. Tulsi tea has the potential to enhance the immunity of your body, helps to relieve you from your cough and cold and clears your respiratory tract, which in turn, makes your sore throat go away! Inhale the steam of the hot tulsi tea to get instant relief for your nose blocks and running nose.

Lowers blood pressure-

One of the most important benefits of tulsi tea includes lowering of the blood pressure and reducing stress levels in the human body. Studies showed that regular consumption of tulsi tea could lower the levels of cholesterol, which in turn, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Reduces stress-

Another research proved that consumption of tulsi tea helps in maintaining the levels of cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone in the human body. This tea has showed symptoms of relieving depression. Grab a pack of Tulsi tea from the Tea Swan and have a cup of it before going to sleep. It will ensure you have the best sound sleep throughout the night.

Acts as an antiseptic-

The Queen of Herbs, Tulsi, is famous of its antiseptic values. Drinking tulsi tea will ensure that the bacteria in the mouth and stomach is dead. It acts like a saviour that protects your body from the harmful diseases. The steam of the hot brewing tulsi tea can be the best for killing germs in the respiratory tract.

Controls the blood sugar level-

One of the main reasons of consuming tulsi tea on a regular basis is because of all the tulsi tea benefits. Controlling blood sugar level is one of the deadliest problems faced by everyone today. Not to worry, Tea Swan is here to take care of your blood sugar levels as well! Tusi tea improves the metabolism of the body and helps in the efficient and fast processing of the carbohydrates and fats. This will ensure you to have a stable blood sugar level in the body.

May be of great aid to patients with arthritis-

One striking health benefits of tulsi tea is its anti-inflammatory effect. Drinking tulsi tea on a regular basis reduces inflammation and has a greater chance of relieving people with joint pains, especially arthritis.

Cures gastrointestinal disorders-

Tulsi tea is a great medicine for indigestion, ulcers, vomiting and even menstrual cramps. The juice from the tulsi tea leaves are an excellent source of medicine, which when blended with herbal teas can give you immense health benefits, including cures for gastrointestinal disorders.

Preparation of Tulsi tea:

We to help you improve and better your life by vividly describing the answer to your question “what are the benefits of tulsi tea”. However, tulsi tea has to be properly prepared in order to receive maximum of its benefits. Tea Swan is here to tell you a secret recipe of tulsi tea, just by following few simple steps!

  1. Get hold of your pack of the best herbal tulsi tea from the Tea Swan.
  2. Boil water.
  3. Add 2 tea spoon of the tulsi tea.
  4. Add milk (if you are into milk tea) according to your requirement.
  5. Add sugar (if you like your tea to be sweetened) according to your requirement.
  6. Let the mixture come to a boil.
  7. Take it off the heat, pour it in a cup and get ready to enjoy every sip of it!

Note- Tulsi tea is even more tasty and relishing if you have it in its raw, plain form.

Tea Swan believes in giving its customers the maximum happiness with minimal effort! Therefore, we are here to offer you our special Tea Infuser that will make your ‘tea making’ process easier and shorter. Have a look at it and we are sure, you would not regret having it in your kitchen!

Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea- A special variety of Tulsi tea:

Many of you must have heard about the Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea. It is a special type of tulsi tea that has some ingredients, which are not to be found in any other variety of tea. This tea is a blend of tulsi, chamomile, rose petals and the sweet essence of fresh rose.

So, do you know about the tulsi sweet rose tea benefits? Have a look further to discover about this as well!

  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • The aroma of the tea is soothing and helps in reducing headaches
  • Calms the mind and releases stress
  • Helps in getting kicked with some new and fresh energy
  • Supports to have a better immune system
  • Ensures that you have a good and positive mood

There is specifically no good time for the consumption of tulsi tea because of its caffeine free nature. Being a caffeine free herbal tea, tulsi tea benefits are clearly winning the race of the best tea health benefits! It can be your best starter for the day as well as your bedtime company. The tulsi tea has a typically strong aroma that can sometimes have floral and peppery notes. The taste includes a bit of spicy notes with a sweet aftertaste. Have a cup of Tea Swan’s Herbal Tulsi tea to relish some great sip and enjoy your teatime!


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