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White Tea vs Green Tea, Which One Would You Choose?

Tea brings in the most relished and reinvigorating essence to our lives. We all have varied taste preferences. But we are never off the debate when it comes to green tea, white tea and black tea. Do you prefer white tea or green tea? If it is a trial between white tea vs green tea which one would you choose? Let us go through some facts on these teas that will help you choose the best for you!


Both white tea and green tea are extracted from the Camellia Sinensis evergreen shrub, cultivated in the tea gardens of tea producing countries like India, China, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

White Tea vs Green Tea benefits

White tea is harvested during the initial stage of the bud formation of tealeaves that makes it a little costlier than green tea. It needs proper and delicate handling like while picking up from the shrubs from the tea gardens during their early stage in springtime and while undergoing a rapid steaming and drying measures.

On the other hand, green tea needs a much amount of processing and fermentation. Like steaming, frying, and rolling processes. Yet it is known to be one of the most beneficial forms in creation of antioxidants along with white tea.

White Tea vs Green Tea benefits

As Antioxidants

White tea and Green tea are treated with great delicacy and with little processing that keeps their purity intact and helps in the creation of a larger amount of antioxidants. As white tea undergoes less processing, it retains more amount of antioxidants compared to green tea.  So if we compare white tea vs green tea benefits then white tea will always stand out.

Major benefits of white tea

White tea due to its higher composition of antioxidants promotes better health by-

  1. Improving heart functioning
  2. Lowering high cholesterol
  3. Reducing the risk of cancer
  4. Losing bodyweight

Black tea vs Green tea vs White tea

Weight loss benefits

Green tea vs White tea for weight loss:- Which is beneficial?

Nowadays we all are crazy about losing bodyweight and being in proper size. This starts from picking up different exercises for body weight and following the ongoing trends to be in shape. So we often find people suggesting us to have green tea or white tea with routine exercises. This creates a question in our mind whether green tea or white tea is beneficial in terms of weight loss. As we all know that both Green tea and White tea are extracted from Camellia Sinesis but their basic differences lie in their process of harvesting and fermenting. White tea sounds more beneficial.

To understand what makes white tea to have more amounts of antioxidants compared to green tea?

Let’s see the features of white tea.

  • Firstly, white tea has about 15mg of caffeine which is less compared to the density of green tea caffeine which is 20mg.
  • Secondly, white tea can counter body calorie by increasing the metabolic rate.
  • Thirdly, the amount of caffeine present in white tea mostly helps in stimulating the process of oxidation in the body so that the central nervous system of the body activates and helps in the burning process of mature fat cells.
  • Last but not the least it also helps in the reduction of calorie absorption due to the presence of Polyphenol. This has been scientifically proven by EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate)

Caffeine content

Let us understand more on caffeine content. Caffeine content can be compared based on –

  • Factors of growing conditions
  • Cutting size
  • Water and temperature
  • Type of plant

White tea vs. Green tea in terms of caffeine content shows that white tea has about 15mg of caffeine whereas green tea has 20mg caffeine. White tea has a smooth and sweet texture but on the other hand, green tea has a little bitter and less smooth texture.

Research on Caffeine content

This is just a small part of the big picture. If white tea vs. green tea has to been seen in terms of its caffeine contents then we must consider some of the researched analysis and studies too! They stated that the content of caffeine varies from tea-to-tea. Yes, it does because by analysis, the tea bud that is at its young age will contain more caffeine compared to the matured bud. The steeping process of temperate and time also has a huge impact.

-According to the study published in the Journal of Food Science in 2005, it was stated on the research made on the 77 variants of tea, caffeine content of white tea was more.

-Even another study of 2008 by the Journal Analytical Toxicology found about 14-61mg of caffeine per 6-8oz of serving in white tea.

Black tea vs Green tea vs White tea

To choose among such a variety of tea especially when it is black tea vs green tea vs white tea is tougher. We mostly forget to consider the fact that all these tea variants are different in their taste, texture, and nature. Thus, this comparison can be considered as a myth.

So it is better to compare based on -- Making of black tea vs green tea vs white tea

As already discussed all of these variants are extracted from the Camellia Sinesis an evergreen shrub. The fermenting process plays a huge role in its nature of difference- Here we are comparing all the 3 teas.

  • Black tea

Black tea is highly fermented and goes under a good amount of oxidation process which releases the change in the color and flavor of the tea. It has a brown texture which is due to the process it undergoes like roasting, tannic, steaming. It is also a little bitter.

  • Green tea and White tea

Green tea and white tea are different mainly due to its extraction. Green tea is made of the mature bud whereas white is been extracted from the younger tea bud from the same Camellia Sinesis shrub. 

The black tea stands out because it is fully fermented and makes a count of minimum 45mg where White tea has about 15mg and green tea has 20mg.

Winding up

Whit tea can be seen very beneficial in terms of antioxidants, weight loss and over benefits. Also it can be considered that the caffeine content of a tea depends on its manufacturing process. If you take my suggestion then brew your preferred type of tea depending upon your taste and purpose. Through the above information you can easily notice which one to have based on black tea vs green tea vs white tea details.

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