Best Herbal Tea For Headaches

Best Herbal Tea For Headaches

Headaches are irritating and prove to be a disrupting element of your day-to-day life. There are almost ten types of headaches. The common ones are primary headaches, tension headaches, caffeine headaches, migraines headaches, allergy and sinus headaches, hormone headaches, hypertension headaches. The less common ones are exertion headaches, hypertension headaches, rebound headaches, post-traumatic headaches.

As are the multiple kinds of headaches so are numerous treatments available that are going to cost you high without much benefit and some side effects. So, how to cure your headaches without any side effects is what is being answered in this article so stay connected till the end of this.

Why Herbal Teas for Headaches?

Herbal teas are the best remedy for your intolerable headaches without any side effects and huge investment. No matter the kind of headache you are suffering from, herbal teas are going to help you get rid of the palpitating pain in your head. That is due to the following properties presented below.

Detoxification Agents 

As dehydration causes headaches, Detox elements present in herbal tea helps in keeping your body hydrated for a longer time than water alone. As research conducted on migraine patients, herbal tea was able to cure 70-75 percent of chronic migraines by complex detoxification by overuse for about 6 months.


Herbal tea contains macronutrients like Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus which help in improving Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), an inflammatory condition which if not cured leads to severe headache. As it is a proven fact that an upset stomach leads to an upset mind. So, ringing an upset stomach helps in curing headache issues.

No caffeinated agent

As herbs made from natural ingredients don’t contain any caffeine in them, making them great for your health. It does not let you not get addicted to consuming them beyond a certain limit, but even if you do it will not cause any harm to your body unlike other teas that have caffeine in them.

What Are The Best Herbal Teas to Cure Headache?

Herbal Tea For Headaches

There are seven best herbal teas that play a tremendous role in curing any kind of headache. Let’s see what those are.

Chamomile Tea 

If you are having headaches out of stress and tension, then this chamomile tea is your best option. As chamomile has inflammatory properties so it helps in relaxing your brain muscles and helps in mitigating your tension headaches. You can buy it from Teaswan’s website as they are the best seller of Chamomile teas and make it from pure chamomile flowers.

Ginger Tea 

Serotonin found in Ginger tea helps in curing acute migraine issues. Drinking ginger tea helps you in increasing the level of serotonin and also allows your blood vessels to contract which in turn lessens migraine headache conditions. A unique kind of natural oil that is found in ginger also helps in fighting inflammatory issues giving a great level of pain relief. You can buy it from TeaSwan. 

Willow Bark Tea

Everyone knows that Aspirin is a good pain killer but it does have side effects. Should you continue to take Aspirin along with its side effects?. No, you should not. Instead, you should go for Willow Bark Tree which has Salicin, an expert recommended alternative of Aspirin without any side effects. Salicin after entering your body changes into salicylic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing pain and curing any kind of painful headaches without any side effects. You can get a pack of it from your nearest grocery shop or could even visit TeaSwan.

Green Tea

Popular for its weight losing property, Green tea is one of the best herbal teas that also helps you fight headaches. It has been used in traditional herbal medicines to fight headaches because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in improving blood circulation, reduces inflammation and eases headaches especially, tension headaches. You can buy organic herbal green tea of different flavors from the most trusted online tea seller.

Clove Tea 

Clove is one of the best herbs with already proven medicinal qualities and preferred element of any home remedy for curing several diseases. Also, it delivers the best result in curing headaches, when you drink a tea made of crushed cloves. It helps you treat any hammering headaches no matter for how many years you have been suffering from (approximately 7 to 8 months) without any side effects. You may purchase it from the top seller of herbal teas. 

Feverfew Tea

50 to 80 mg of Feverfew tea per day is suggested to cure migraine headaches. The reason for this is that Feverfew tea contains parthenolide, which plays a key role in treating migraine headaches as suggested by experts. This has also been proven by various researches certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). You can buy Feverfew tea from grocery shops or can purchase it from TeaSwan. 

Peppermint Tea

The menthol found in sufficient quantities in peppermint tea helps in easing the muscles of your brain and increasing required blood flow. It also provides a cooling effect thus, relieving your headaches. Its aroma has been psychologically proven to calm down your stress level. It is best recommended for tension headaches. You can get it from the most preferred online seller of peppermint tea. 

Final Words

Those frustrating headaches are enough to ruin your everyday life without letting you enjoy it to the max. You should try adding any of these best recommended herbal teas to your daily diet to treat your headaches completely. These are the best herbal teas for headache treatment without having any side effects.

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