Herbal Tea health benefits you need to know today!

8 Amazing Herbal Tea Benefits:- You Should know

Health benefits of herbal tea

Did you know herbal teas are not made from the plant Camellia sinensis and instead contain a variety of flowers, dried fruits, spices and herbs?

Thanks to its diversity in ingredients, herbal teas come in a wide spectrum of tastes and flavours and make a tempting alternative to sugary beverages or water.

In addition to being tasty, herbal teas are one of the healthiest beverage in the world. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and great teste, herbal teas have an abundance of long and short term health benefits. 

Here are 10 Health Benefits of Herbal Teas you should know!

Improves Digestion

Teas are greatly known to help improve digestion thanks to the antioxidants present in it. Herbal teas like ginger and chamomile can absorb gas and improve blood flow to the entire digestive tract. Herbal Teas may also help with the breakdown of fats. They also reduce the chances of indigestion, vomiting and bloating. Herbs and spices like chamomile, peppermint, dandelion and ginger tea are the best remedies for inflammation and gas attacks.

Phenols present in Herbal Teas are best known to boost both stomach and oesophagus muscles resulting in reduced acid reflux and heartburn symptoms. Teas are also known to encourage easy absorption of nutrients.

Help Ease Your Mind

Also known for its calming effects, teas have been used for centuries to ease minds after a long and stressful day. Unlike using medications, teas have little to no side effects at all making it perfect for mild medicinal use.

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Drinking Herbal Tea before bed can help you fight to sleep disorders such as insomnia and restless sleep. Chamomile teas are best recommended for conditions such as insomnia and sleep disorders. Herbal Teas offers a reliable safe sedative that can help get faster and better sleep. They also act as a great anti-depressant as it helps fight feelings of depression.

In simple, herbal teas can be used as an alternative to medicines for a simple and safer way to relax and reinvigorate your mind.

benefits of herbal tea

Increase Immunity

Herbal Teas are great for boosting immunity and it shouldn't come as a surprise especially keeping in mind the number of herbs and natural ingredients that are present.

herbal tea health benefits

Tulsi tea is widely used to boost immunity, particularly after illness. Tulsi tea is also known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Herbal teas like Ginseng, Dandelion, Chamomile and Ginger are great for the encouraging better immune system.

Components such as capsaicin helps in clearing the mucus in your throat lining that develops into a cough and sore throat. They are also known to lessen inflammation and clogging making it easier to breathe.

Rich in Antioxidant

Packed with polyphenols such as catechins, herbal teas are no doubt rich in antioxidants and are also great in protecting your body from diseases.

Herbal teas are considered to be great for fighting free radicals. Studies show herbal teas have similar antioxidant properties to white and green teas.

A study found that while herbal teas can be great for reducing inflammation and fighting radicals, they also possess incredible anti-ageing properties.

Slow Down Ageing

The Composites in herbal teas are great for slowing down skin ageing and UV damage caused by the sun.

Teas are a few of the beverages that help prevent skin ageing through inflammation and free radicals. However, skin ageing can also result because of internal factors such as the food you take in. Herbal teas can also combat these internal factors if consumed regularly.

One study found that applying herbal tea extracts to the skin can help protect your skin against UV rays and pollutants.

Studies advise that polyphenols can help defeat many cellular factors that damage the fibre network and help skin stay tight and firm.

Can help lose weight

health benefits of herbal tea

How much does Herbal tea costs you? 

It costs you nothing more than that extra pound of flesh you always hated. 

Like green teas, herbal teas are also great for losing weight and can be more effective in efficiently losing your weight.

Studies suggest that herbal teas are more efficient than your monthly gym membership. Even though more studies on humans are needed to properly understand the link between herbal teas and weight loss, it is safe to say that teas, in general, are great for fat burning and weight loss.

Another group of studies also suggest that teas can increase your metabolism by 4-5%.

Regulate blood pressure

Throw your pill out of your window and try drinking herbal teas to keep your blood pressure in check. Teas such as Hibiscus and Chamomile are terrific choices for blood pressure regulation. 

 Chamomile flower herbal tea

With no negative side effects, it is easy to suggest herbal teas to anyone suffering from high blood pressure. These teas not only help with blood pressure regulation but also keep your kidneys and heart healthful due to the lack of added chemicals.

For anyone looking for a natural remedy, Hibiscus tea is the way to go. 

Reduces Inflammation

Drinking herbal tea online can help you in many ways and reducing inflammation is one of those. From diminishing pain, tiredness in joints and swelling, herbal teas prove to be some of the best healthy beverage.

Thanks to its constituents such as gingerol found in ginger, herbal teas are known widely for relieving inflammation. For anyone suffering from joint and muscle pain, herbal teas make for ideal treatment.

However, it is advised to avoid adding sugar and sweetening you tea for best results. If you are one of those who like sweet tea, try lowering sugar content gradually.

Your taste buds are bound to get accustomed to the authentic flavour of the tea. 


Although more research is needed to acknowledge the relation between tea and its health benefits, tea can still be a part of healthy dietary plan. Remember to constrain your sugar content for optimal tea experience. Herbal teas like green tea, black tea, oolong tea and white tea can be great for weight loss, anti-ageing and blood pressure regulation. For best results store your tea in room temperature and avoid moisture. Learn more for our guide on how to store loose leaf teas.

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