The best tea for allergies: kick out the allergy season

The Best Tea for Allergies:- Kick out the Allergy Season!!

It's allergy season! Sigh! Troublesome, right? If you can relate to it, this is a must-read article for you. We are sure you must want to get rid of those runny noses, red eyes, non-stop sneezing and what not? Allergies are the most annoying phase of the season. It’s amazing some people are totally unphased by that, but for us, let's check out how we can eliminate these annoying microorganisms that are tickling our comfort.

What is an allergy?

To fight well, you must know your enemy well. Allergies are common sufferings. There are different types of allergies that can make you feel miserable and while some of these are less influential, others can raise a major health issue. As said by ASCIA, allergy is something when a person reacts to substances present in the environment that are mostly harmless to other people.

The best tea for allergies: kick out the allergy season

According to AAAAI, allergic rhinitis is common to 30% of the population worldwide. Peanut allergies are known as the deadliest and most common food allergies in the world. Other common allergies include dust mites, animal dander, and drug allergies.


Though with the number of allergies present in humans, symptoms can vary according to the type of allergies, there are some very common symptoms that can help us trace the presence of allergies. Reddening of eyes, runny nose or blocked nose, itchy and watery eyes, rashes, reddening of certain areas, and coughing are some common symptoms.

Prevention and cure:

Though some of the allergies can be a lifelong burden, others can be cured within a few years or come and go with seasons. Asthma and Eczema are the types of diseases caused by allergies that have a tendency to stick with you until the end.

On the other side, those allergies that can be cured are mostly seasonal and can be prevented for the most part. If exposure to certain things or surroundings can infect you and trigger your allergies, you should avoid such encounters while restraining yourself from contacting allergens in the most effective way to preserve your health.

However, if you come in contact and activate your allergy, you should take measures. Severe symptoms should be immediately consulted with an expert/ doctor, for mild symptoms, you can always take refuge under the best beverage in the world- Tea!

Which is the best Tea for allergies?

The world of tea is too big to choose a certain type for the target purpose. And the benefits consumed from these tea types are equally great. Therefore, which one should be the best option to opt for? We are here to tell you that. Tea is a beverage that is a major source of certain polyphenols and vitamins and minerals.

Almost all tea types have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties help fight cold symptoms, causes of acid reflux, and other major and minor diseases. No wonder Tea is the most consumed beverage after water. The taste and benefits are commendable.

Do you think there is anything better than a hot cup of Ginger Tea? We guess not! Ginger is a medicinal spice that has been used in ancient and present medicine to aid ailments. This hot spice has maintained its value and goodness to curb minor allergy symptoms.

It can help you get relief from cough, runny or blocked nose, and rashes. The anti-inflammatory property helps immune your body against redness and itchiness reducing any inflammation that promotes such uneasiness. Savor a hot cup of Ginger Tea with half a tablespoon of honey to absorb its goodness.

  • Stinging Nettle Tea

Stinging Nettle is an herbal tea that is considered a magical herb for allergies. With the botanical name Urtica dioica, this herb has been native to Egyptian medicine for decades. People used this one for all of its anti-inflammatory properties. This was used as a lotion to keep people warm in ancient times.

Today, we are fortunate enough to be able to get its processed form and now we can savor it as a tea. This wild herb is advocated as the best Nettle Tea for allergies. It has polyphenols like flavonoids and reduces inflammation. The Nettle Tea cures hay fever (an allergy to pollen grains).

The best tea for allergies: kick out the allergy season

  • Green Tea

Green Tea is probably every health-conscious’ favorite. Health-focused people just love this Tea because they know how awesome it is in terms of health advantages. Green tea is a source of catechins and other polyphenols. It is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant stimulator.

These properties help fight inflammation and redness that are major symptoms of allergies. You can try mixing honey and a dash of lemon to increase its goodness and fight the astringent taste. So don't wait, get rid of those annoying symptoms with a warm cup of Green Tea.

  • Butterbur Tea

Butterbur tea is an herbal tea and is considered the best herbal Tea for allergies. It is a shrub plant found all over Europe and in parts of Asia. According to research conducted by PubMed, the Butterbur herb plant is an excellent choice to eliminate allergen’s effects. It cures hay fever, mental distress, and migraines effectively.

  • Rooibos Tea

The famous Rooibos Tea is also known as Red Tea. It is native to South Africa and has been consumed worldwide for centuries. It is made of a shrub plant called Aspalathus linearis. This Tea is famous for its commendable job as a replacement for Green and Black Tea. Rooibos Tea is a great source of antioxidants. This property makes it a potent allergens repellent herb. The antioxidants are used to eliminate any free radicals or cells harming the body and disturbing the immunity.

The bottom line

Allergies can leave you feeling all cranky and spoil your days. If the symptoms go bad, it can even compel you to get some serious medical attention. So it is important to get alert and take precautions beforehand. Mild symptoms are easily treatable and what could be better than a cup of Tea? Herbal Teas are considered best for seasonal allergies. So go ahead, don’t wait anymore, you know how to ease your health and relieve that watery eyes and rashes. Kill those microorganisms with a sip of a hot cup of tea.

The best tea for allergies: kick out the allergy season

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