A close look at health benefits of Sage tea: an insight in this earthly herbal tea!!

A close look at health benefits of Sage tea: an insight in this earthly herbal tea!!

Think about a crisp and earthly taste with mint aroma encircling you! Isn’t it wonderful? That is what drinking Sage Tea feels like. There are numerous types of teas to treat your taste buds and every single of them has their own properties to boast about. Apart from the C. Sinensis Tea leaves, there is Herbal Tea to look for. Herbal tea simply offers you unlimited access to experimenting and enjoying its bliss. Sage tea is one of that bliss.

A close look at health benefits of Sage tea: an insight in this earthly herbal tea!! 

What is Sage Tea good for?

Coming from the Herb family, Sage Tea is an exquisite Tea plucked from the Salvia Officinalis. The plant is well known as the Sage plant and is cultivated for essential oils. This Herbal Tea has been pre-loved in ancient Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Greek, and Roman medicines. The Tea has polyphenols like ellagic that is an essential antioxidant.

This Tea is savored in hot water and since it is an Herbal Tea, it is caffeine-free. This property is useful in inducing good sleep. It has flavonoids such as luteolin which is studied as an anti-inflammatory property. It consists of rosmarinic acid, camphor, and astringent compounds. It hails from the Mediterranean area but it is cultivated in different parts of the world for its good reputation in ancient medicine. This tea is widely consumed for its numerous benefits. Here, we have listed 8 of them.

Health benefits of Sage Tea-

Though this beauty is widely used for decorative purposes and its essential oil has been extensively used by the world, Sage tea is probably the best form of consuming this perennial’s benefits.

  • Your hair expert

Sage Tea works wonders on your hair’s health. Think about hair loss, quality of your hair, hair length, or just anything, Sage Tea benefits for hair are numerous. You can depend on this one without a doubt and this tea has been used as a hair doctor for ages. Sage Tea has beta sitosterol which is efficient in treating male type baldness.

The vitamins and minerals help in hair growth and shiny effects. It hides grey hair and gives natural black colour to your hair. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial property repels dandruff from your scalp. Since Sage is an astringent, it treats clogged hairs and its follicles. Drinking Sage Tea is advisable for the working class as a shield for your hair quality.

  • For menopause

In a study done by the international journal of reproductive biomedicine, 30 women were examined who had postmenopausal symptoms. This included severe and light ones. The common symptoms were hot flashes, panic, fatigue, and night sweats. Women who consumed Sage on a daily basis witnessed a drastic improvement in the symptoms. The before and after results of the research proved that consuming Sage plant on daily basis eased the postmenopausal symptoms in women.

  • Mental health

This tea is widely savored for its effects as soothing nerves. Sage Tea is best drunk hot. Thus, this hot brewed Herbal Tea calms the stressed brain. It not only relaxes a person’s mind but also, boosts concentrating powers and memory. Drinking a cup of hot Sage Tea before starting work may help you improve your efficiency.

  • May act against digestive problems

Sage has been widely used in parts of Europe and ancient Chinese and Indian medicine as a major source of curing indigestion and internal inflammation problems. The evergreen Herb was exported from the south Asian countries in a huge amount just because of its common medicinal use. It is a digestive tonic for the times when you feel uneasy.

  • For inflammatory problems

Sage Tea is a major source of Rosmarinic acid which is a phenolic compound. It induces anti-inflammatory properties that cure the inflammation within your body. It may help reduce the effects of Arthritis as well.

 A close look at health benefits of Sage tea: an insight in this earthly herbal tea!!

  • For skin

Sage Tea contains camphor- a compound that alleviates skin diseases. Sage is a common compound in cosmetic products. It is generalized in nature efficient cosmetics. Sage Tea benefits for the skin are exquisite. Since inflammation can lead to skin damage, this tea can help you get rid of the problem as it is a great source of anti-inflammation. Sage Tea can help you get rid of wrinkles if consumed on daily basis and for a longer period of time. It can even cure acne that is basically the result of inflammation.

  • For weight loss

Consuming Sage Tea can help you boost your metabolic rate. Since this Herbal Tea is an anti-oxidant, it burns calories fast which in turn can help you lose weight to some extent. Though, these claims are solely based on the properties and compounds that this tea is made of and more studies can prove its capabilities, consuming Sage Tea may help you get rid of toxins and fats. In the language of medicine, its diuretic property clears toxins from your body that too helps in weight loss.

  • May act against type-2 diabetes

In research conducted by Science, it was observed that Sage Tea doesn’t have any major effect on diabetics. But, consuming this Herbal tea on a regular basis did decrease the chances of being diagnosed with the disease. It may lower plasma glucose for people who are at risk of getting diagnosed. It can be consumed as a food supplement and people in danger of the disease can include it in their daily habits.

Sage tea recipe

So think no more, start brewing this earthly lavish tea with the recipe below:

What do you need?

  • 10 nos. or 2 tablespoons of Sage tea leaves
  • 8oz / 1 cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon lime

How to make the Sage Tea

  • Pour 1 cup of water into a saucepan and let it boil
  • Add 10 sage leaves to the boiling water
  • Let it steep for good 5 minutes
  • Restrain the Tea in a cup
  • Add 1 tablespoon honey and lime to it
  • Mix it well

Enjoy your aesthetic and aromatic cup of Sage Tea

The bottom line

Sage plant is a blissful perennial plant that can offer you a range of health benefits. Consuming this tea on daily basis can help you relax from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. It can help women suffering from post-menopause symptoms get relief. This wonderful ancient tea can help you take care of your hair health just like your mother would. With these versatile traits and awesome taste, Sage Tea becomes a must to add to your kitchen shelf.

A close look at health benefits of Sage tea: an insight in this earthly herbal tea!!

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