Iced Tea - The Summer Beverage

Iced Tea - The Summer Beverage

With the summer heat coming fast, all of us must be craving some cold beverage. Soda is a popular choice, but what about some iced tea. It is a cool, refreshing beverage, and comes with a ton of health benefits. 

Iced tea is a sweet brewed beverage that dates back to the Tang Dynasty in China. As the health benefits and the refreshing nature of iced tea came to light, it swiftly gained popularity among the youth and the elderly alike. 

The best thing about iced tea is that you can easily brew it at home and enjoy relaxing times with your loved ones. The soothing taste of iced tea is very enjoyable. We aim to help you learn more about iced tea - how to make it, its secrets, and the best tea for iced tea.

Iced Tea - The Summer Beverage

What tea is best for iced tea?

TeaSwan would help you discover the secret to making delicious iced tea at home. The best tea for iced tea is Black tea. Black tea adds a strong taste and flavor to your iced tea. 

Make the classic iced tea recipe below, or take some time to try out different combinations to find your perfect blend. The best black tea for iced tea is the Arya Delight Black Tea. They usually are very flavourful and bold enough to give you an engaging cup of iced tea. Another major reason black tea is chosen for preparing iced tea is that it allows the tea’s natural flavours to stand out. 

What is the best tea bag for iced tea?

Blackcurrant teabag produces a mild taste that's slightly astringent and tangy. Blackcurrant leaves have one of the highest contents of Vitamin C anywhere. The best black teabag for iced tea is the blackcurrant teabag. The leaves also contain many minerals and elements, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, tannin, magnesium, and vitamins A, B1, B2, and B6. Relish and enjoy a cup of iced tea with blackcurrant teabags from T-S-WING. 

How to make The best black tea for iced tea? 

Here is the simple recipe to make the best refreshing iced black tea.


  • Black tea
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Ice

Black tea:

  • You can use black tea bags. But I usually prefer the best tea for iced tea loose black tea powder.


  • Water is the crucial element for keeping our health and giving flavour to tea leaves. We need to pay attention to the quality of water when we drink tea. A good water source for drinking is also necessary for brewing a suitable teacup since about 80% of the tea is water.


  • Finer granules dissolve faster for a smooth brew. Every tea drinker knows it's true! That's why we prefer the finest sugar particles possible. With this fine powder of sugar, you'll enjoy a smoother cup of tea every time.


  • Whether you enjoy iced tea all year long or drink it only during warmer months, you know that a premium-quality ice cube helps achieve the best flavor.


  1. The first step is to concentrate on the tea by adding the Black tea loose powder, lemon peel, honey, and hot water. Once the ingredients are immersed in hot water, they will slowly begin releasing their flavours and deepening their colours. The essence of these flavours will transform into a pinkish-red coloured liquid, which concentrates on the tea.
  2. Next, let the tea cool in the refrigerator. If you have a multi-drawer refrigerator, place the tea in an empty drawer to allow them to cool over a larger surface area - by doing this, you can pour your cups of brewed tea throughout the day.
  3. Now, you can enhance your beverage with ice cubes. Simply fill half of the cup with ice cubes & tea. Enjoy your drink.

Another option of having an iced tea is green tea. The best green tea for iced tea is the Tulsi Green Tea, available on the T-S-WING.

Iced Tea - The Summer Beverage

Iced green tea:

Green tea is a well-known drink that has been around for ages, and so are the benefits of green tea. It is the tea leaves that have undergone minimal oxidation during manufacturing. The best quality product is produced from freshly plucked, new leaves and maintained in cold storage till its time to be processed. Green Tea has garnered much attention over the years owing to its potent antioxidant properties.

One of the reasons it's associated with being a healthy beverage is the presence of catechins, a type of antioxidant known to fight diseases and promote overall health. Green tea is also anti-microbial. Hence it helps in keeping your body free from infections. Green tea is thought to prevent aging, liver cancer, and arthritis. Its health benefits have been long-documented and are backed by numerous scientific studies. Green tea could indeed be a little too hot to taste during the summers, but it should not be eliminated from your diet entirely.


Once you add the tea concentrate, add some ice cubes, and you are done. The Iced Green tea is ready to serve and can be garnished with your choice of mint or lemon wedges. It is excellent served chilled and can be enjoyed on a hot summer day after a long tiring day at work or school. It will rejuvenate you instantly guaranteed!

Final Words

You have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to choosing your iced tea. Some like to have sweet tea, some prefer tea with a bitter aftertaste, while others love herbal with its unique taste. All these options are available for you now, and all you need to do is get your favourite one out there. Enjoy creating your customizable iced tea. Tell us more about your own recipe, and we would love to try them out. As tea lovers, we believe that love for tea can only spread if shared among everyone.  

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