Lychee Tea: Types, Benefits And Recipe

Lychee Tea: Types, Benefits And Recipe

Lychee tea is a black tea blended with real lychee fruit. It is a special type of scented tea. The tea does not contain lychee pieces but only a fruity flavour of the fruit which is blended is roasted with black tea. Lychee tea comes from the Tang dynasty of China. Because of its fresh flavour and sweet aroma, it is loved by many people around the globe.

This tea can be consumed warm or iced and is best paired with spicy and savoury food. This tea comes in various forms such as lychee black tea, lychee bubble tea, lychee green tea, and lychee jelly bubble tea.

The Type Of Lychee Tea Are As Follow;

Lychee Tea: Types, Benefits And Recipe

Lychee Black Tea

Lychee black tea is made with black tea which is blended properly with lychee peels and scented with lychee flavours. It has a reddish-brown appearance after preparation and it tastes like sweet honey and is accompanied by a fresh fruity aroma. This tea can be prepared as an ice tea and can be served with sugar and crème.

Health benefits of Lychee Black Tea

Lychee black tea is not only offered delicious flavour but also has various health benefits which are very important for one's living. 


Lychee black tea contains various antioxidants which are essential for living a healthy life. Antioxidants in our body help to fight against radicals and helps to protect the cells.

    2. Energy Boost -

Caffeine present in lychee black tea helps to boost energy in our body. Caffeine has the specialty to keep a person awake longer at night, the person who needs to work late at night should drink this tea.

   3. Aiding Weight Loss -

Drinking lychee black tea can be very beneficial if it is drunk before exercise because it helps to lose weight as well as it contains a high amount of caffeine which helps to work out more energetically. 

   4. Stabilizing Blood Sugar -

This tea can be the best choice for a person who is suffering from diabetes. This tea does not require artificial sweetening. It is sweet naturally. This can be the best tea for sugar patients.

   5. Protecting the Bones -

Drinking lychee black tea regularly can help with the problem of bones and helps to keep bones healthy.

Recipe Lychee Black Tea -

The main thing you should be concerned about making this tea is the amount of tea you take, water temperature, and the steeping time. Steep the tea leaves for 3-5 minutes in the boiling water. Do not over boil the water, every time use fresh water for the best flavour. Try not to steep your leaves longer as you steep your leaves longer it will start giving you a bitter taste.

Lychee Green Tea -

Lychee green tea is a blend of Lychee fruit and fragrant green tea. This tea is a great iced tea but it can also go with milk. It has a good amount of caffeine in it which can also substitute coffee if someone prefers tea over coffee. It originated in China and has a smooth and fruity taste. One can also get the flavour of grapes and pear in it. It best goes with Fresh fruits, white chocolates, or vanilla desserts.

Health Benefits of Lychee Green Tea -

  1. Rich in Vitamin C -

This tea is rich in vitamin C and vitamin C is very important for the healthy living of a person.  A good amount of Vitamin C In the body helps to fight against strokes which can take someone’s life. 

       2. Antioxidants -

This tea has a good amount of antioxidants which lower the risk of various types of cancer in one’s body. Antioxidants also help in various health conditions in a person’s body which is important for one’s long life and a healthy body.

      3. Lower Risk of Heart Disease -

This tea controls the cholesterol level in one’s body and hence helping the person to remain immaculate from conditions such as stroke which is variously dangerous for one’s life.

Recipe of Lychee Green Tea -

Ingredients -

  1. Green tea leaves
  2. A cup of water
  3. A cup of chilled water
  4. 1 and a half cup lychee juice
  5. Mint leaves
  6. Ice cubes

How to make -

In a saucepan boil water and add green tea leaves into it and then turn the gas off. Wait until the water comes at room temperature. Now add chilled water, lychee juice, and mint leaves into it, and then stir it well. Serve it with ice cubes in it. Everyone will love this tea in the hot climate. 

Lychee Tea: Types, Benefits And Recipe


Lychee Bubble Tea -

Lychee is a fruit which is loved by all types of people and in all age groups either they are old or they are young. It is a sweet and delicious fruit of native Asia. Lychee is used in making mocktails and many beverages can be alcoholic or normal, lychee is used everywhere. Lychee is also used to make tea by adding its sweet flavour to it. One type of tea is lychee bubble tea

The profile of lychee matches very much with grapes. Drinking lychee bubble tea makes the day more refreshing and more energetic. This tea is made by the fleshly goodness of the lychee.

Recipe of Lychee Bubble Tea -

Ingredients -

  1. Black tea or Green tea leaves
  2. ¼ cup of cream
  3. 3-4 lychee
  4. ½ cup of boba pearls
  5. 1 cup lychee juice
  6. 1 tablespoon of sugar
  7. Ice cubes

How to make -

Step 1 -

Take water in two pots and boil it till it starts making the rumbling sound. One pot is for the tea leaves and the other pot is for boiling boba pearls. Now add fresh tea leaves into one pot and let the tea leaves steep for 4-7 minutes and then pour boba pearls into another pot and let it cook. It will take 10-15 minutes.  

Step 2 -

Now take some lychee and peel it off and grind it smoothly. Now add the lychee juice and some ice and freshly grind lychee and again put this mixture into the blender. Make the mixture of smooth texture.

Step 3 -

Now, wait until all things come at room temperature. Now take the sugar and pour it in a pan and some water and cook it as it starts looking like sugar syrup. Now pour the cooked pearl into it and stir it until all the pearls get coated with the sugar syrup.

Step 4 -

Now we have to assemble all our items into a glass. After assembling all into the glass shake it well and then serve it with a straw.

Lychee jelly Bubble Tea -

Lychee jelly bubble tea is a type of ice tea that can be easily made at home and can especially be consumed in humid and hot climates. Lychee jelly bubble tea is similarly made as we make lychee bubble tea, we only have to add boba jelly in it. Boba jelly can be easily made at home or one can order it from amazon it is easily available there. 

Final Words -

Lychee tea is one of the most refreshing tea one can try. It is mostly made as an iced tea and it is preferred by the people in this form. If someone wants to try something new, refreshing, and soothing they should try this tea once.


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