A Guide To Silver Needle Tea!

Silver Needle Tea: A High-Grade Tea with Soothing Taste

Sip by Sip, you will be comforted by the pure soothing taste of the high-grade Silver Needle tea. The Silver Needle Ceylon Tea from TeaSwan is a premium quality exclusive blend of the finest Dubula, Kandy, and Nuwara Eliya teas sourced from the high-grown areas in the hill country. It is mainly recommended for medicinal purposes.

Also known as Silver Needle White Tea, the name refers to the white downy hairs on the surface of the tea leaf. The distinctive silver hair lends this tea a delicate flavor, soft texture, and a unique and delicate raw aroma. The cultivation and picking of Silver Needle Tea demand a great deal of labour, skill, and time and is one of the most expensive green teas in the world.

A Guide To Silver Needle Tea!

What is silver needle tea?

Silver Needle Tea is a premium tea made from fresh buds and young leaves of the Da Bai (Large White) tea tree family. The Silver Needle Tea is known for its excellent flavor, high quality, thin needle-like shape of the buds, and its delicate silver colour. In ancient times, the Chinese emperor would give this tea as a present to those who have outstanding achievements in their lives. This received its name - ‘Silver Needle’ because once it is plucked from the tea bush, the white stem looks like a needle.

These silver needles have high scarcity and are only grown in premium tea gardens of Sri Lanka. The tea has a refreshing and sweet taste which is unlike the sweetness of honey. The best part of Silver Needle tea is that it does not cause acidity problems and can heal stomach-related issues such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, cramps, etc.

What makes this tea a premium herbal tea?

What makes this tea a premium herbal tea? The first thing is that it is a 100% pure silver needle quality. The only variety of the Tea bush that grows naturally and trees can be found in higher altitudes of 3000 meters and above. The taste and aroma of this tea are due to the ultra-fine silvers hair, which covers each leaf from base to tip. Premium, Silver Needle Tea white tea is the most expensive and rare of teas. It is a labour-intensive white tea from Sri Lanka, known for its natural sweetness and subtle flavor.

How does the Silver Needle Tea looks?


This tea is a quick-fire artist whose white point colour and cloudy liquor reflect silver tips the graceful and delicate nature. Freshness, clarity, mellowness, and softness come with a sense of pure well being. 'Silver Needles' refer to the flat and silvery-white hairs that cover this tea.


With a rich aroma, its natural sweetness, smooth taste, and mellow aftertaste make it a part of life that you long to savour again and again. A delightful infusion of fragrant Japanese wildflowers, light, sweet, and floral like fresh wildflowers with a hint of honey gives you an otherworldly experience.


White silver needle tea comes with a delicate touch of sweetness. This flavourful and aromatic tea is often used as the base for many of your favourite infusions. It tastes especially good with green or fruit-flavoured teas.


A Guide To Silver Needle Tea!

How to brew silver needle tea?

Preparation of Silver Needle Ceylon Tea is a simple process. Since there is no need for additives, make sure to follow the steps below:

Use a 3 to 4 mm porcelain, glass, or glazed earthenware pot to brew Silver needle tea.
Prepare a freshly boiled water of 90-95 degrees C (the boiling point at sea level). This is very important, and scalding water will destroy the aromatic substances and reduce the nutritional value of tea, whereas too hot water might bring out off-flavours. Pour the hot water into the pot, cover it with a lid and wait till the temperature drops to 80-85 degrees C. Remove the lid and leave.

The fresh aroma of steaming white tea leaves is very relaxing. But the freshness tends to fade away when you store the same leaves after each use. We designed this Silver Needle white tea by freshly picking up tea leaves so that you can enjoy the 'first-flush harvest quality’ after every sip.

What are the silver needle tea benefits?

The premium Silver needle tea contains polyphenols, flavonoids, and catechins. These ingredients are responsible for imparting antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cognitive protective benefits to the drinker. The high content of magnesium helps in relaxing the nerves and muscles.

Antioxidants in this tea help improve your heart’s health by lowering insufficient cholesterol levels and strengthening your blood vessels. Plus, it reduces your risk of heart attacks and strokes. This premium quality white silver needle tea comprises 100% natural ingredients that will be great for anyone looking for a quality drink to satisfy their heart and stomach. Packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients, the Silver Needle White tea provides you with the regular energy you daily need.


At TeaSwing, we believe you deserve the best. That is why we source the most delicate tea directly from our farmers and ensure that it is properly cleaned and processed. We handpick our Silver Needle — Ceylon Ivory — and ensure that it is handcrafted with love and care. Our tea is 100% natural without the addition of artificial flavours or processing chemicals. This ensures that our cuppas are rich in taste, aroma and leaves an enjoyable aftertaste in your mouth! We at TeaSwan take pride in every cup that you make.

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