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Multipurpose Chain Infuser Filter (4Pcs)

Multipurpose Chain Infuser Filter (4Pcs)

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  • ▲Multi-function filter:
    practical kitchen seasoning gadgets!
    The perfect way to enjoy a cup of fresh brew tea! Filter your favorite loose tea leaves with our easy to use and clean tea filters.
    Made of good quantity 304-grade stainless steel, long-lasting durability for long time use.

    Designed with a hook and long-chain to clasp on teacup or pot for easy retrieval and removal when the tea is done steeping. (NOT suitable for ground tea)
    Take out the soaked tea leaf, just flush it with water. and keep dry after clean.
  • ▲ACTION:
    now you can replace your old tea bags and enjoy drinking fresh full flavored tea.

Usage Scenarios

  •  Methods Unfasten clasp to open mesh ball. Scoop the desired quantity of tea leaves into the ball. Close mesh ball and place inside a teacup/teapot. Add recently boiled water over the leaves and steep to your liking. When the tea is ready, remove mesh ball and keep aside. Clean out contents to reuse mesh ball.



Material: stainless steel Ideal for hot or cold tea Filter tea, coffee, hot brine ingredients and soup Use it in kettle, pots, cups,etc Easily brew the most flavorful Tea Sturdy clamp holds ball together and keeps tea or spices secure Ideal forspices or loose leaf tea Features a chain to suspend into hot beverages

Description: Brew your loose leaf tea with ease Also for use with spices and potpourri Comes with a hook to hang on teapots Stainless-steel construction Make it easy to enjoy you tea.

How to use:

  1. Detach the hook attached to the ball.
  2. Insert your favourite loose leaf tea in the ball.
  3. Close the two halves by using the hook.
  4. Hold the chain and insert the ball for brewing your perfect cup of tea.

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