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Pomegranate Tea

Pomegranate Tea

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About Pomegranate Tea

An exclusive tea offered to you by us, just to make you a die-heart tea lover! Blended with dried pomegranate seeds, hibiscus, rose petals and rosehips, this whole leaf non-organic green tea from the first flush of Darjeeling black tea, without a doubt, is a heart stealer! The sweet and fruity aroma of the tea makes you feel good and refreshed even while making it. Appearing to be bright and coppery brew, this tea wins the award for the best antioxidant! Best served hot, Pomegranate black tea just takes 3 minutes of your time for brewing.

  • Ingredients

    • Green Tea Leaves
    • Red Rose Petals
    • Dried Pomegranate Seeds
    • Hibiscus
    • Stevia

  • Benefits

  • Brewing Guide

    • Prepare 180ml Water
    • Boil 90°C to 95°C
    • Add Tea 2.5gm / 1Tsp
    • Condiments Lemon/Honey
    • Brew for 3 - 4 Min
    • Serve Hot
  • Additional Information

    • RECOMMENDED: With Water
    • AROMA : Sweet, Tart and Fruity Aroma
    • CAFFEINE : Medium
    • TASTING NOTES: Refreshing, Pomegranate Gives a Slight Astringency and Vitamin C Laden Rosehips and Hibiscus Round the Edges.
    • SERVING : Hot
    • REGION: Darjeeling

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